What does monophonic mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mono, monophonic, single-channel(adj)

    designating sound transmission or recording or reproduction over a single channel

  2. monophonic(adj)

    consisting of a single melodic line


  1. Monophonic(a.)

    Of or relating to a system for recording and reproducing sound, which has only one sound channel; also called monaural or mono. It contrasts with stereophonic (or stereo), quadraphonic, or surround-sound, which have two or more channels, and can thus reproduce the effect of the sound coming from more than one direction.

  2. Origin: [Mono- + Gr. a voice.]


  1. monophonic(Adjective)

    having a single channel; monaural (compare stereophonic)

  2. monophonic(Adjective)

    having a single melodic line and no harmony (compare polyphonic)

  3. monophonic(Adjective)

    having simple one-to-one mapping between letters and phonemes

Webster Dictionary

  1. Monophonic(adj)

    single-voiced; having but one part; as, a monophonic composition; -- opposed to polyphonic

  2. Origin: [Mono- + Gr. a voice.]

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