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Princeton's WordNet

  1. song thrush, mavis, throstle, Turdus philomelos(noun)

    common Old World thrush noted for its song


  1. mavis(Noun)

    song thrush.

  2. Mavis(ProperNoun)

    A female given name from English.

    "Rather an odd name, Mavis, isn't it?" I at last ventured to observe. "Yes, - but it suits her wonderfully. She sings quite as sweetly as any thrush, so she merits her designation."

  3. Origin: Coined in the end of the 19th century from a poetical name for the song thrush.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mavis(noun)

    the European throstle or song thrush (Turdus musicus)

  2. Origin: [F. mauvis, Arm. milvid, milfid, milc'hhouid, Corn. melhuez.]


  1. Mavis

    Mavis is the name of two fictional characters who first appeared in the DC Comics' universe. In the Golden Age Wonder Woman series, the first character served as a Nazi provocateur. Later, Mavis Trent, an unrelated character appeared in the Silver Age Hawkman series as a Midway City museum archaeologist with a crush on the title character.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Mavis

    mā′vis, n. the song-thrush. [Fr. mauvis; prob. from Bret. milfid, a mavis.]

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    The numerical value of mavis in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

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