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Princeton's WordNet

  1. drawl(verb)

    a slow speech pattern with prolonged vowels

  2. drawl(verb)

    lengthen and slow down or draw out

    "drawl one's vowels"


  1. drawl(Noun)

    a way of speaking slowly while lengthening vowel sounds and running words together. Characteristic of some southern US accents, as well as Scots.

  2. drawl(Verb)

    to speak with a drawl.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Drawl(verb)

    to utter in a slow, lengthened tone

  2. Drawl(verb)

    to speak with slow and lingering utterance, from laziness, lack of spirit, affectation, etc

  3. Drawl(noun)

    a lengthened, slow monotonous utterance

  4. Origin: [Prob. fr. draw: cf. D. dralen to linger, tarry, Icel. dralla to loiter. See Draw, and cf. Draggle.]


  1. Drawl

    A drawl is a perceived feature of some varieties of spoken English, and generally indicates longer vowel sounds and/or diphthongs. Varieties of English which are said to feature pronounced drawls include Southern American English, and Broad Australian English. The Southern Drawl, or the diphthongization or triphthongization of the traditional short front vowels as in the words pat, pet, and pit: these develop a glide up from their original starting position to and, in some cases, back down to schwa.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Drawl

    drawl, v.i. (obs.) to dawdle: to speak in a slow, lengthened tone.—v.t. to utter (words) in a slow and sleepy manner.—n. a slow, lengthened utterance.—n. Drawl′er.—adv. Drawl′ingly.—n. Drawl′ingness. [Freq. of draw, as draggle of drag.]

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