What does deflagrate mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. deflagrate(verb)

    cause to burn rapidly and with great intensity

    "care must be exercised when this substance is to be deflagrated"

  2. deflagrate(verb)

    burn with great heat and intense light

    "the powder deflagrated"


  1. deflagrate(Verb)

    To burn with intense light and heat. Specifically, to combust subsonically through thermal conduction.

  2. Origin: From the participle stem of deflagrare, from de + flagrare ("to burn down").

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deflagrate(verb)

    to burn with a sudden and sparkling combustion, as niter; also, to snap and crackle with slight explosions when heated, as salt

  2. Deflagrate(verb)

    to cause to burn with sudden and sparkling combustion, as by the action of intense heat; to burn or vaporize suddenly; as, to deflagrate refractory metals in the oxyhydrogen flame

  3. Origin: [L. deflagratus, p. p. of deflagrare to burn up; de- + flagrare to flame, burn.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Deflagrate

    def′la-grāt, v.i. or v.t. to burn down: to burn rapidly.—ns. Deflagrabil′ity, combustibility; Deflagrā′tion; Def′lagrator, a galvanic instrument for producing rapid combustion. [L. deflagrārede, down, flagrāre, to burn.]


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