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Princeton's WordNet

  1. deaconess(noun)

    a woman deacon


  1. deaconess(Noun)

    A female deacon.

  2. deaconess(Noun)

    A female servant in the early Christian church.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Deaconess(noun)

    a female deacon

  2. Deaconess(noun)

    one of an order of women whose duties resembled those of deacons

  3. Deaconess(noun)

    a woman set apart for church work by a bishop

  4. Deaconess(noun)

    a woman chosen as a helper in church work, as among the Congregationalists


  1. Deaconess

    Deaconess is a non-clerical order developed in modern times in some Protestant denominations which sees to the care of women in the community. The term is also applied to women in the early church who were ordained to the order of deacon. That word comes from a Greek word diakonos, whence deacon, which means a servant or helper and occurs frequently in the Christian New Testament of the Bible. Deaconesses trace their roots from the time of Jesus Christ through the 13th century. Deaconesses existed from the early through the middle Byzantine periods in Constantinople and Jerusalem; although the office may not have been in existence throughout the European churches. The female diaconate in the Byzantine Church of the early and middle Byzantine periods was recognized as one of the major orders of clergy. A modern resurgence of the office began in Germany in the 1840s and spread through Scandinavia, Britain and the United States. Lutherans were especially active. The modern movement reached a zenith about 1910, then slowly declined as secularization undercut religiosity in Europe, and the professionalization of nursing and social work offered better career opportunities for young women. A small movement still exists, and its legacy is seen in numerous hospitals.

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