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Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. dangerous space

    That zone, partly before and partly beyond the object fired at (the sights having been correctly elevated), which is covered by the trajectory; the object may be displaced to the front or rear of its correct range-point, a distance equal, in the aggregate, to the depth of this zone, and still be struck by the projectile. “Dangerous space” is calculated under the assumption that the gun when fired is 56 inches from the ground, that it is aimed at a point 34 inches from the ground, and that the stature of a man is 68 inches; and that the head of a man on horseback is 8 feet above the ground. The “dangerous space” will, of course, be increased by the firer lying down and aiming at his adversary’s feet. A part of the “dangerous space” is near the muzzle of the gun in the rising branch of the trajectory; the rest of it is in the falling branch; these two parts being continuous up to and including the “battle-range” (which see). The “dangerous space” varies with the weapon used and the object fired at; and for the same arm diminishes as the range increases beyond “battle-range”; up to this point it increases with the range. A perfect understanding of this subject is essential to effective infantry fire upon the field of battle. Valuable tables will be found upon it in Laidley’s “Rifle Firing.”


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