What does dab mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. tap, pat, dab(noun)

    a light touch or stroke

  2. dab, splash, splatter(verb)

    a small quantity of something moist or liquid

    "a dab of paint"; "a splatter of mud"; "just a splash of whiskey"

  3. dab, swab, swob(verb)

    apply (usually a liquid) to a surface

    "dab the wall with paint"

  4. dab, pat(verb)

    hit lightly

    "pat him on the shoulder"


  1. dab(Noun)

    One skilful or proficient, an expert, an adept.

  2. dab(Noun)

    A small flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae, especially Limanda limandauFF1B flounder.

  3. Origin: From dabbe, from possibly imitative.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Dab(noun)

    a skillful hand; a dabster; an expert

  2. Dab(noun)

    a name given to several species of flounders, esp. to the European species, Pleuronectes limanda. The American rough dab is Hippoglossoides platessoides

  3. Dab(verb)

    to strike or touch gently, as with a soft or moist substance; to tap; hence, to besmear with a dabber

  4. Dab(verb)

    to strike by a thrust; to hit with a sudden blow or thrust

  5. Dab(noun)

    a gentle blow with the hand or some soft substance; a sudden blow or hit; a peck

  6. Dab(noun)

    a small mass of anything soft or moist

  7. Origin: [Perh. so named from its quickness in diving beneath the sand. Cf. Dabchick.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Dab

    dab, v.t. to strike gently with something soft or moist, to smear:—pr.p. dab′bing; pa.p. dabbed.—n. a gentle blow: a small lump of anything soft or moist: a species of flounder of light-brown colour, with small dark spots and rough, close-set scales.—ns. Dab′ber, a sort of pad for dabbing ink on engraved wood blocks or plates; Dab′chick, a small water-fowl, a kind of grebe. [First about 1300; cf. Old Dut. dabben, to pinch; Ger. tappe, a pat. Confused with Daub and Tap.]

  2. Dab

    dab, n. an expert person.—n. Dab′ster (coll.). [Prob. a corr. of Adept.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. dab

    The sea-flounder. An old general term for a pleuronect or flat fish of any kind, but usually appropriated to the Platessa limanda. The word is familiarly applied to one who is expert in anything.

Editors Contribution

  1. dab

    to do a dance move.

    I am good at dabbing.

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