What does coleslaw mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. coleslaw, slaw(noun)

    basically shredded cabbage


  1. coleslaw(Noun)

    A salad of finely shredded raw cabbage and sometimes shredded carrots, dressed with mayonnaise (white) or a vinaigrette (red).

  2. Origin: From koolsla, a compound of kool (cabbage) and sla, a short form of salade (salad).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Coleslaw(noun)

    a salad made of sliced cabbage

  2. Origin: [D. kool slaa cabbage salad.]


  1. Coleslaw

    Coleslaw, sometimes simply called slaw in some American dialects, is a salad consisting primarily of shredded raw cabbage, which is dressed with mayonnaise and/or buttermilk in some variations and dressed with vinegar and seasoning in other, lighter variations. Cream or sour cream may by used as the dressing and vinegar may be added. It may also include shredded carrots as well as other fruits and vegetables such as apples, onions, radishes, and peppers. Horseradish, seeds, and various spices may be included.


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