What does cheroot mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cheroot(noun)

    a cigar with both ends cut flat


  1. cheroot(Noun)

    A cigar with square-cut ends

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cheroot(noun)

    a kind of cigar, originally brought from Mania, in the Philippine Islands; now often made of inferior or adulterated tobacco

  2. Origin: [Tamil shuruu, prop., a roll.]


  1. Cheroot

    The cheroot or stogie is a cylindrical cigar with both ends clipped during manufacture. Since cheroots do not taper, they are inexpensive to roll mechanically, and their low cost makes them particularly popular. Typically, stogies have a length of 3.5 to 6.5 inches, and a ring gauge of 34 to 37. The term stogie is often misused to refer to any cigar with a foul stench, or as slang, to a cigarette. Many stogies are made of flavored tobaccos, and given that a stogie may last a half hour, as opposed to the 2–8 minutes that a cigarette typically lasts, there can be quite a pungent and pervasive aroma produced. The word stogie is short for Conestoga. The cigar was the smoke of choice for teamsters driving Conestoga wagons in the cigar-making Conestoga valley area around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The word cheroot comes from French cheroute, from Tamil curuttu/churuttu/shuruttu- roll of tobacco. This word could have been absorbed into the French language from Tamil during the 18th century, when the French were trying to stamp their presence in South India. The word could have then been absorbed into English from French.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Cheroot

    she-rōōt′, n. a cigar not pointed at either end. [Fr. cheroute, representing the Tamil name shuruttu, a roll (Colonel Yule).]


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