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Princeton's WordNet

  1. acoustic power, sound pressure level(noun)

    the physical intensity of sound


  1. acoustic power

    Sound power or acoustic power is the rate at which sound energy is emitted, reflected, transmitted or received, per unit time. It is defined as "through a surface, the product of the sound pressure, and the component of the particle velocity, at a point on the surface in the direction normal to the surface, integrated over that surface." The SI unit of sound power is the watt (W). It relates to the power of the sound force on a surface enclosing a sound source, in air. For a sound source, unlike sound pressure, sound power is neither room-dependent nor distance-dependent. Sound pressure is a property of the field at a point in space, while sound power is a property of a sound source, equal to the total power emitted by that source in all directions. Sound power passing through an area is sometimes called sound flux or acoustic flux through that area.


  1. acoustic power

    Acoustic power, also known as sound power, refers to the amount of energy that a sound wave emits or transmits per unit of time. It is usually measured in watts. The acoustic power of a sound source can help in determining the loudness of the sound it produces when combined with other factors, such as distance from the source and the environment in which the sound is produced.

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