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Princeton's WordNet

  1. crossopterygian, lobefin, lobe-finned fish(noun)

    any fish of the order Crossopterygii; most known only in fossil form


  1. lobefin(Noun)

    Any of the fish of the class Sarcopterygii


  1. lobefin

    Sarcopterygii (; from Ancient Greek σάρξ (sárx) 'flesh', and πτέρυξ (ptérux) 'wing, fins') — sometimes considered synonymous with Crossopterygii (from Ancient Greek κροσσός (krossós) 'fringe') — is a taxon (traditionally a class or subclass) of the bony fishes known as the lobe-finned fishes. The group Tetrapoda, a mostly terrestrial superclass including amphibians, sauropsids (reptiles, including dinosaurs and therefore birds) and synapsids (with mammals being the only extant group), evolved from certain sarcopterygians; under a cladistic view, tetrapods are themselves considered a subgroup within Sarcopterygii. The known extant non-tetrapod sarcopterygians include two species of coelacanths and six species of lungfishes.

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