What does Discontinue mean?

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. discontinue, stop, cease, give up, quit, lay off(verb)

    put an end to a state or an activity

    "Quit teasing your little brother"

  2. discontinue(verb)

    come to or be at an end

    "the support from our sponsoring agency will discontinue after March 31"

  3. break, break off, discontinue, stop(verb)

    prevent completion

    "stop the project"; "break off the negotiations"


  1. discontinue(Verb)

    To stop a process; especially as regards commercial productions; to stop producing, making, or supplying something.

    They plan to discontinue that design.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Discontinue(verb)

    to interrupt the continuance of; to intermit, as a practice or habit; to put an end to; to cause to cease; to cease using, to stop; to leave off

  2. Discontinue(verb)

    to lose continuity or cohesion of parts; to be disrupted or broken off

  3. Discontinue(verb)

    to be separated or severed; to part

  4. Origin: [Cf. F. discontinuer.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Discontinue

    dis-kon-tin′ū, v.t. to cease to continue: to put an end to: to leave off: to stop.—v.i. to cease: to be separated from.—ns. Discontin′uance, Discontinuā′tion, a breaking off or ceasing; Discontinū′ity.—adj. Discontin′uous, not continuous: broken off: separated: interrupted by intervening spaces.—adv. Discontin′uously. [O. Fr. discontinuer—L. dis, neg., and continuāre, to continue.]


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