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  1. 2-8-8-4(Noun)

    Under the Whyte notation system, a Mallet-type locomotive with two leading wheels on a leading truck, two sets of eight driving wheels, and four trailing wheels on a trailing truck.


  1. 2-8-8-4

    Under the Whyte notation a 2-8-8-4 is a steam locomotive with two leading wheels, two sets of eight driving wheels, and a four-wheel trailing truck. Other equivalent classifications are: ⁕UIC classification: 1DD2 ⁕French classification: 140+042 ⁕Turkish classification: 45+46 ⁕Swiss classification: 4/5+4/6 ⁕Russian classification: 1-4-0+0-4-2 The equivalent UIC classification is, refined for Mallet locomotives, D2′. Such a long locomotive must be an articulated locomotive, and all the examples produced were Mallets, with a joint in the frame between the first and second groups of driving wheels. The superstructure of the locomotive was attached to the rearmost set and the forward set and leading truck could swing laterally on curves. The type was generally named the Yellowstone, a name given it by the first owner, the Northern Pacific Railway, whose lines run near Yellowstone National Park. Seventy-two Yellowstone type locomotives were built for four different US railroads. The 2-8-8-4 was a common arrangement for the largest steam locomotives. All Yellowstones had fairly small drivers of 63 to 64 inches. For greater speeds, the Union Pacific Railroad chose a four-wheel leading truck and 68 inches drivers for its Big Boy 4-8-8-4 class.

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