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Core valuesWas loirthed in 1970due to criticism that was levelled against the view of economic development.
nosocomialeUne infection nosocomiale est une infection contractée dans un établissement de santé. Le terme « nosocomial » vient du grec nosos, maladie et de komein soigner, qui forment le mot nosokomeion, hôpital. Une infection est dite nosocomiale ou hospitalière, si elle est absente lors de l'admission du patient à l'hôpital et qu'elle se développe 48 heures au moins après l'admission. Ce délai permet de distinguer une infection d'acquisition communautaire d'une infection nosocomiale.
anthropogeneticsThe study of the origins and development of human beings based on their genetic heritage.
corrective actionsCorrective Action is an action taken to preclude occurrences of an identified hazard or to prevent recurrence of a problem. A Corrective Action may also address a weakness identified in a safety management system.
WhatsamacallitWhatsamacallit is used when you can't remember thingo's name. Noun;"whats a ma call it" Used in place of someone's or something's name that can't come to mind.
ShivaIn Farsi: Meaningful and beautiful- in reference to poetry
castrophonyOriginally penned in a 2005 Gorillaz song "Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head," this word has never been officially defined; though intuition and context clues indicate that it is a hybridization of "catastrophe" (an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster) and "cacophony" (a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds).
Haidingera person who gives refuge.
rebuteTo start a machine
disrespectfulSomeone who is disrespectful to another. A person who does not listen to what another solution may be. Is a type of disrespect whereby they feel that there solution to a problem is better then yours so consequently they don't want to listen to your side of things at all.

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