Found 3,422 definitions starting with TA:

take one's easetake one's fancytake one's hat off …take one's leave (o…
take one's lifetake one's life in …take one's lumpstake one's time
take ones ball and …take ones breath aw…take ones chancetake ones eye off t…
take ones hat off totake ones leavetake ones lumpstake ones own life
take ones picktake ones timetake ones tongue ou…take or pay
take orderstake outtake out foodtake out of context
take out the stopstake out the trashtake overtake pains
take parttake part intake pity ontake place
take pleasure intake pointtake pot lucktake pride
take pride intake refugetake responsibilitytake revenge
take risks / take a…take roottake shapetake shelter
take sicktake sidestake signtake silk
take sitting downtake somebodys word…take someone's parttake someone's temp…
take someone's word…take someones pointtake something as r…take something in o…
take something in s…take something to t…take stagetake steps
take stocktake tentake thattake the air
take the biscuittake the browns to …take the bull by th…take the cake
take the contake the counttake the falltake the field
take the fifthtake the fifth amen…take the floortake the game to
take the heattake the hinttake the interviewtake the lead
take the libertytake the liberty oftake the michaeltake the mickey
take the offensivetake the pisstake the place oftake the plunge
take the raptake the red pilltake the reinstake the road
take the stagetake the standtake the stumptake the veil
take the wheeltake the wind out o…take the world by s…take things as they…
take timetake time by the fo…take time offtake to
take to betake to hearttake to one's heelstake to ones bed
take to ones heelstake to piecestake to tasktake to the cleaners
take to the hillstake to the streetstake to the woodstake turns
take twotake umbragetake under one's wi…take up