Found 25,159 definitions starting with T:

take advantagetake advantage oftake aftertake against
take aimtake an examination…take an interesttake apart
take armstake awaytake away fromtake back
take by stormtake by surprisetake caretake care of
take care of the pe…take chancestake chargetake command
take controltake couragetake covertake delight in
take downtake effecttake exceptiontake exception to
take exception to/attake firetake fivetake flight
take fortake for grantedtake formtake fright
take guardtake hearttake heedtake heed of
take holdtake hold oftake hometake hostage
take illtake intake in chargetake in good part
take in handtake in one's stridetake in vaintake in water
take into accounttake into considera…take inventorytake issue
take issue withtake ittake it awaytake it back
take it easytake it easy with t…take it from heretake it from me
take it from me (th…take it hometake it in turnstake it into one's …
take it like a mantake it on the chintake it or leave ittake it out on
take it outsidetake it to the banktake it to the stre…take it up the ass
take its tolltake kindlytake kindly totake leave
take leave of ones …take libertiestake lifetake lightly
take lying downtake matters into o…take metake me away
take me highertake me out to the …take me to your hea…take my breath away
take no for an answ…take no notice oftake no prisonerstake note
take note oftake notestake noticetake notice of
take offtake offencetake offensetake office
take offlinetake ontake on boardtake on faith
take onetake one for the te…take one's easetake one's fancy
take one's hat off …take one's leave (o…take one's lifetake one's life in …
take one's lumpstake one's timetake ones ball and …take ones breath aw…