Found 1,835 definitions starting with HI:

high jumperhigh justicehigh levelhigh life
high linehigh liverhigh maintenancehigh mallow
high masshigh middle ageshigh mileagehigh mobility group…
high mobyhigh muckamuckhigh nellyhigh noon
high notehigh obliquehigh on the hoghigh performance fi…
high pitchhigh placehigh placeshigh point
high pressurehigh pressure neuro…high priesthigh priority
high probability tr…high profilehigh qualityhigh relief
high renaissancehigh risehigh riskhigh road
high rollerhigh schoolhigh scorehigh sea
high seashigh seasonhigh sidehigh sierra
high signhigh societyhigh speedhigh speed steel
high spiritshigh spothigh statushigh stepper
high streethigh street partnershigh strunghigh style
high tablehigh tacklehigh teahigh tech
high tech academyhigh technologyhigh temperaturehigh tension
high throughput gen…high tidehigh timehigh times
high tonehigh tophigh topshigh touch
high tower softwarehigh treasonhigh uphigh value airborne…
high velocity drophigh visibilityhigh vocal centerhigh voltage
high voltage signhigh wallhigh waterhigh water (feat. t…
high water markhigh watershigh windhigh winds
high wirehigh wycombehigh yallerhigh yellow
high, wide, and han…high-altitude low-o…high-altitude missi…high-altitude platf…
high-and-dryhigh-and-mightyhigh-angle firehigh-angle gun
high-backedhigh-bandwidth digi…high-beamhigh-blown
high-bredhigh-builthigh-bush blueberryhigh-ceilinged
high-counthigh-definitionhigh-definition mul…high-definition tel…