Found 4,720 definitions starting with BE:

bebe (out) on strikebe a law unto onese…be a tribute to
be able tobe about tobe acquainted withbe active
be adriftbe afterbe all and end allbe all ears
be all fingers and …be all smilesbe all the same tobe along
be amissbe an open secretbe aroundbe as good as one's…
be as silent as the…be as well tobe at full stretchbe at odds
be at painsbe at the bottom ofbe behind timebe beside oneself (…
be beside the pointbe blessedbe bogged downbe born
be born yesterdaybe botheredbe calledbe comfortably off
be coolbe cruel to be kindbe descended frombe disappointed
be driving atbe duebe excitedbe faithful
be first past the p…be flooredbe fullbe gasping for
be getting on forbe givenbe glad to see the …be going on (for)
be going strongbe goodbe great partnersbe had
be hand in glove (w…be hard onbe hard pressedbe healthy!
be herebe in / out of prac…be in a spot of bot…be in for
be in full swingbe in good formbe in good voicebe in league with
be in onbe in powerbe in short supplybe in the middle of…
be in the minoritybe in the redbe in/out of positi…be inclined to
be intimatebe it as it maybe just as wellbe lacking
be left holding the…be likebe like someonebe loved
be low onbe meant tobe minebe mixed up
be motherbe my girlbe my guestbe not much of a
be not up to muchbe of the opinion (…be offbe off with you
be off with you!be onbe on aboutbe on cloud nine
be on its way outbe on the ballbe on the horns of …be on the market
be on the needlebe on the offensivebe on the point ofbe on the prowl
be on the safe sidebe on the tip of on…be on tobe on to (someone)
be one up on (a per…be oneselfbe out forbe out of one's mind
be out of pocketbe out of usebe out tobe poles apart