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Definitions for zoroasterˈzɔr oʊˌæs tər, ˈzoʊr-, ˌzɔr oʊˈæs tər, ˌzoʊr-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Zoroaster, Zarathustra(noun)

    Persian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism (circa 628-551 BC)


  1. Zoroaster(prop. n.)

    The persian prophet Zarathustra, who probably lived in the second millenium B. C. His treachings form the basis for the religion Zoroastrianism.


  1. Zoroaster(ProperNoun)

    The prophet of the ancient Iranian religion Zoroastrianism

  2. Zoroaster(ProperNoun)

    Pseudepigraphic name used by various Greek and Latin authors of late antiquity to lend their opinions weight

  3. Zoroaster(ProperNoun)

    Ostensible source/founder of the "mysteries" of the Roman Mysteriae Mithrae ("Mysteries of Mithras", "Mithraic Mysteries"), an astrology-centric, middle-platonic mystery cult of the 1st-4th century Roman Empire whose adherents worshiped in "caves" (i.e. Mithraea) in imitation of "Zoroaster". (Porphyry, De Antro Nympharum 6)


  1. Zoroaster

    Zoroaster, also known as Zarathustra, was the Persian prophet and founder of Zoroastrianism. Though he is often mentioned as an Iranian, his birthplace is uncertain. It is now widely thought that he was born in the eastern part of the Iranian Plateau. He is credited with the authorship of the Yasna Haptanghaiti as well as the Gathas, hymns which are at the liturgical core of Zoroastrianism. Most of his life is known through the Zoroastrian texts. The language spoken by Zoroaster, Old Avestan, used for composing the Yasna Haptanghaiti and the Gathas, on archaeological and linguistic grounds, is dated to have been spoken probably in the first half of the 2nd millennium BCE.

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