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  1. Yomi(ProperNoun)

    The Japanese underworld, in which horrible creatures guard the exits.


  1. Yomi

    Yomi or Yomi-no-kuni is the Japanese word for the land of the dead. According to Shinto mythology as related in Kojiki, this is where the dead go to dwell and apparently rot indefinitely. Once one has eaten at the hearth of Yomi it is impossible to return to the land of the living. Yomi is comparable to Hades or hell and is most commonly known for Izanami's retreat to that place after her death. Izanagi followed her there and upon his return he washed himself, creating Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto in the process. This realm of the dead seems to have geographical continuity with this world and certainly cannot be thought of as a paradise to which one would aspire, nor can it appropriately be described as a hell in which one suffers retribution for past deeds; rather, all deceased carry on a gloomy and shadowy existence in perpetuity regardless of their behavior in life. Many scholars believe that the image of Yomi was derived from ancient Japanese tombs in which corpses were left for some time to decompose. The kanji that are sometimes used to transcribe Yomi actually refer to the mythological Chinese realm of the dead called Huángquán, which appears in Chinese texts as early as the eighth century BCE. This dark and vaguely defined realm was believed to be located beneath the earth, but it was not until the Han Dynasty that the Chinese had a clearly articulated conception of an underworld below in contrast with a heavenly realm above. With regard to Japanese mythology, Yomi is generally taken by commentators to lie beneath the earth and is part of a triad of locations discussed in Kojiki: Takamahara, Ashihara-no-Nakatsukuni, and Yomo-tsu-kuni or Yomi-no-Kuni. Yomi has also often been associated with the mythological realm of Ne-no-Kuni, also known as Ne-no-Katasukuni; perhaps the latter was meant to be underwater?

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