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Princeton's WordNet

  1. yip, yelp, yelping(verb)

    a sharp high-pitched cry (especially by a dog)

  2. yelp, yip, yap(verb)

    bark in a high-pitched tone

    "the puppies yelped"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yelp(verb)

    to boast

  2. Yelp(verb)

    to utter a sharp, quick cry, as a hound; to bark shrilly with eagerness, pain, or fear; to yaup

  3. Yelp(noun)

    a sharp, quick cry; a bark

  4. Origin: [OE. yelpen, elpen, to boast, boast noisily, AS. gielpan, gilpan, gylpan; akin to OHG. gelph arrogant: cf. Icel. gjlpa to yelp. Cf. Yap.]


  1. Yelp

    Yelp, Inc. is a multinational corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California, that operates an "online urban guide" and business review site. Yelp was founded by Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons in 2004. The company's Yelp website began as an email service for exchanging local business recommendations, and later introduced social networking features, discounts, and mobile applications. Yelp has extended its services to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and parts of Europe. Google offered to buy the company in 2009, but they and Yelp failed to reach an agreement on the terms of a sale. Yelp received $130 million in venture finance as a privately held company, and began public trading of its stock on the New York Stock Exchange in 2012. The firm acquired Qype, its largest European rival, in 2012, and online reservation company SeatMe, in 2013. The company's rating system and tools for filtering reviews have been the subject of both controversy and litigation. A Harvard business administration professor co-wrote a study in November 2013 that said that fake reviews on the site rose to roughly 20% in 2013.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Yelp

    yelp, v.i. to utter a sharp bark.—n. a sharp, quick cry or bark.—n. Yelp′er. [A.S. gilpan, to boast, exult; Ice. giálpa, to yelp.]


  1. Yelp

    Yelp (NYSE: YELP) connects people with great local businesses. Yelp was founded in San Francisco in July 2004. Since then, Yelp communities have taken root in major metros across the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Singapore, Poland and Turkey. Yelp had a monthly average of 86 million unique visitors in Q4 2012*. By the end of Q4 2012, Yelpers had written more than 36 million rich, local reviews, making Yelp the leading local guide for real word-of-mouth on everything from boutiques and mechanics to restaurants and dentists. Yelp’s mobile application was used on 9.2 million unique mobile devices on a monthly average basis during Q4 2012.

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    The numerical value of yelp in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

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    The numerical value of yelp in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Tom Forte:

    When I think about Yahoo Inc... I think Yelp checks a handful of boxes.

  2. Anshul Agarwal:

    For LinkedIn, Yelp, and Twitter, we haven't witnessed particularly bearish options flow.

  3. Robert Burns:

    Firmness in enduring and exertion is a character I always wish to possess. I have always despised the whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve.

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