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Princeton's WordNet

  1. trap, cakehole, hole, maw, yap, gob(verb)

    informal terms for the mouth

  2. yelp, yip, yap(verb)

    bark in a high-pitched tone

    "the puppies yelped"


  1. yap(Noun)

    The high-pitched bark of a small dog.

  2. yap(Noun)

    An informal talk.

  3. yap(Noun)

    The mouth, which produces speech.

    Shut your yap!

  4. yap(Noun)

    A badly behaved child, a brat.

  5. yap(Verb)

    Of a small dog, to bark.

  6. yap(Verb)

    To talk, especially excessively.

    Youu2019re always yapping - I wish youu2019d shut up.

  7. Yap(ProperNoun)

    An atoll in the Caroline Islands of western Micronesia.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Yap(verb)

    to bark; to yelp

  2. Yap(noun)

    a bark; a yelp

  3. Origin: [Icel. gjlpa; akin to yelp. Cf. Yaup.]


  1. Yap

    Yap is the westernized name of Wa'ab, an island in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean. Colonia is the capital of Yap State of the Federated States of Micronesia. Yap island proper actually made up of three islands, the others being Map and Rumung. The three are close together though separated by water and are surrounded by a common coral reef and are formed from an uplift of the Philippine Sea Plate referred to as high islands as opposed to atolls. The land is mostly rolling hills densely vegetated. Mangrove swamps line much of the shore. Yap's indigenous cultures and traditions are strong compared to other states in Micronesia. Colonia is the capital of the State of Yap which includes Yap proper and the fourteen outer islands fourteen reaching to the east and south for some 800 km, namely Eauripik, Elato, Fais, Faraulep, Gaferut, Ifalik, Lamotrek, Ngulu, Olimarao, Piagailoe, Pikelot, Sorol, Ulithi, and Woleai atolls, as well as the island of Satawal. Historically a tributary system existed between the outer islands, mostly atolls, and Yap proper a high island. This probably related to the need for goods from the high islands including food and wood for construction of seagoing vessels.²

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Yap

    yap, v.i. (prov.) to yelp, bark constantly.—n. a yelp: a cur.—n. Yap′ster, a dog.


  1. Yap

    Yap pioneered the world’s first high accuracy, automated speech recognition platform for “long duration” dialogues. Long duration dialogues are conversations and audio content ranging from 5 seconds to several hours. Yap specializes in accurately transcribing these dialogues for a variety of different scenarios including voicemail-to-text, conference call transcriptions, analysis of customer phone calls and voice-activated mobile messaging.The company was a TechCrunch finalist in 2007. Their management team previously worked on Apple’s iPod, Honda’s navigational systems, IBM’s ViaVoice, Microsoft’s Tellme speech division and Nuance’s Dragon products.Yap white labels its SaaS platform – i.e., Yap Speech Cloud(TM) – to enable diverse use cases, including messaging, call analytics and voicemail-to-text. For example, Microsoft uses Yap for voice-based mobile messaging applications. Their end users can say anything they want to and have Yap’s platform transcribe it into text (far more convenient than typing on the fumbling with a devices keypad while driving). MetroPCS also is a Yap customer. Cincinnati Bell, a regional carrier, uses Yap-based technology to convert subscriber voicemails into text. The carrier was a competitive win away from SpinVox (now Nuance). Part of the allure for Yap’s service is that it’s completely automated. That means there is no need for humans listening to messages, typing them out, and then sending them back out, giving Yap a real advantage in ensuring privacy. Because Yap is completely machine powered, the company is able to offer lower costs, higher speeds and greater consistency.

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  1. pay

  2. APY

  3. pya


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of yap in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of yap in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Martin Yangirelmar:

    We teach them traditional skills at an early age so at least they'll remember their heritage when they've left, all these children will go to the larger Yap Island to study, staying with relatives and then eventually traveling further away in the future for work once they get a taste of Western culture.

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