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Definitions for xenophaneszəˈnɒf əˌniz

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Xenophanes(noun)

    Greek philosopher (560-478 BC)


  1. Xenophanes(Noun)

    By extension, a profound or transformative religious thinker.

  2. Xenophanes(ProperNoun)

    A Greek given name.

  3. Xenophanes(ProperNoun)

    The pre-Socratic philosopher Xenophanes of Colophon.

  4. Origin: From Ξενοφάνης. The name means “of foreign appearance” and is composed of ξένος + φαίνω.


  1. Xenophanes

    Xenophanes of Colophon was a Greek philosopher, theologian, poet, and social and religious critic. Xenophanes lived a life of travel, having left Ionia at the age of 25 and continuing to travel throughout the Greek world for another 67 years. Some scholars say he lived in exile in Siciliy. Knowledge of his views comes from fragments of his poetry, surviving as quotations by later Greek writers. To judge from these, his elegiac and iambic poetry criticized and satirized a wide range of ideas, including Homer and Hesiod, the belief in the pantheon of anthropomorphic gods and the Greeks' veneration of athleticism. He is the earliest Greek poet who claims explicitly to be writing for future generations, creating "fame that will reach all of Greece, and never die while the Greek kind of songs survives."

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Xenophanes

    the founder of the Eleatic school of philosophy, born in Asia Minor; was the first to enunciate the doctrine "all is one," but "without specifying," says Schwegler, "whether this unity was intellectual or moral.... Aristotle says he called God the one." See Eleatics.


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