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Princeton's WordNet

  1. well(noun)

    a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine

  2. well(noun)

    a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid

  3. well, wellspring, fountainhead(noun)

    an abundant source

    "she was a well of information"

  4. well(noun)

    an open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)

  5. well(adj)

    an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps

  6. well(adj)

    in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury

    "appears to be entirely well"; "the wound is nearly well"; "a well man"; "I think I'm well; at least I feel well"

  7. good, well(p)(adj)

    resulting favorably

    "it's a good thing that I wasn't there"; "it is good that you stayed"; "it is well that no one saw you"; "all's well that ends well"

  8. well(p)(verb)

    wise or advantageous and hence advisable

    "it would be well to start early"

  9. well, swell(adverb)

    come up, as of a liquid

    "Tears well in her eyes"; "the currents well up"

  10. well, good(adverb)

    (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')

    "the children behaved well"; "a task well done"; "the party went well"; "he slept well"; "a well-argued thesis"; "a well-seasoned dish"; "a well-planned party"; "the baby can walk pretty good"

  11. well(adverb)

    thoroughly or completely; fully; often used as a combining form

    "The problem is well understood"; "she was well informed"; "shake well before using"; "in order to avoid food poisoning be sure the meat is well cooked"; "well-done beef", "well-satisfied customers"; "well-educated"

  12. well, easily(adverb)

    indicating high probability; in all likelihood

    "I might well do it"; "a mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"; "you may well need your umbrella"; "he could equally well be trying to deceive us"

  13. well(adverb)

    (used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully

    "a book well worth reading"; "was well aware of the difficulties ahead"; "suspected only too well what might be going on"

  14. well(adverb)

    to a suitable or appropriate extent or degree

    "the project was well underway"; "the fetus has well developed organs"; "his father was well pleased with his grades"

  15. well(adverb)

    favorably; with approval

    "their neighbors spoke well of them"; "he thought well of the book"

  16. well, considerably, substantially(adverb)

    to a great extent or degree

    "I'm afraid the film was well over budget"; "painting the room white made it seem considerably (or substantially) larger"; "the house has fallen considerably in value"; "the price went up substantially"

  17. well, intimately(adverb)

    with great or especially intimate knowledge

    "we knew them well"

  18. well(adverb)

    with prudence or propriety

    "You would do well to say nothing more"; "could not well refuse"

  19. well(adverb)

    with skill or in a pleasing manner

    "she dances well"; "he writes well"

  20. well, advantageously(adverb)

    in a manner affording benefit or advantage

    "she married well"; "The children were settled advantageously in Seattle"

  21. well, comfortably(adverb)

    in financial comfort

    "They live well"; "she has been able to live comfortably since her husband died"

  22. well(adverb)

    without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor

    "took the joke well"; "took the tragic news well"


  1. well(Contraction)

    we will

  2. well(Contraction)

    we shall

  3. Origin: weallan. Cognate with German wallen, Danish vælde.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Well(verb)

    an issue of water from the earth; a spring; a fountain

  2. Well(verb)

    a pit or hole sunk into the earth to such a depth as to reach a supply of water, generally of a cylindrical form, and often walled with stone or bricks to prevent the earth from caving in

  3. Well(verb)

    a shaft made in the earth to obtain oil or brine

  4. Well(verb)

    fig.: A source of supply; fountain; wellspring

  5. Well(verb)

    an inclosure in the middle of a vessel's hold, around the pumps, from the bottom to the lower deck, to preserve the pumps from damage and facilitate their inspection

  6. Well(verb)

    a compartment in the middle of the hold of a fishing vessel, made tight at the sides, but having holes perforated in the bottom to let in water for the preservation of fish alive while they are transported to market

  7. Well(verb)

    a vertical passage in the stern into which an auxiliary screw propeller may be drawn up out of water

  8. Well(verb)

    a depressed space in the after part of the deck; -- often called the cockpit

  9. Well(verb)

    a hole or excavation in the earth, in mining, from which run branches or galleries

  10. Well(verb)

    an opening through the floors of a building, as for a staircase or an elevator; a wellhole

  11. Well(verb)

    the lower part of a furnace, into which the metal falls

  12. Well(verb)

    to issue forth, as water from the earth; to flow; to spring

  13. Well(verb)

    to pour forth, as from a well

  14. Well(verb)

    in a good or proper manner; justly; rightly; not ill or wickedly

  15. Well(verb)

    suitably to one's condition, to the occasion, or to a proposed end or use; suitably; abundantly; fully; adequately; thoroughly

  16. Well(verb)

    fully or about; -- used with numbers

  17. Well(verb)

    in such manner as is desirable; so as one could wish; satisfactorily; favorably; advantageously; conveniently

  18. Well(verb)

    considerably; not a little; far

  19. Well(adj)

    good in condition or circumstances; desirable, either in a natural or moral sense; fortunate; convenient; advantageous; happy; as, it is well for the country that the crops did not fail; it is well that the mistake was discovered

  20. Well(adj)

    being in health; sound in body; not ailing, diseased, or sick; healthy; as, a well man; the patient is perfectly well

  21. Well(adj)

    being in favor; favored; fortunate

  22. Well(adj)

    safe; as, a chip warranted well at a certain day and place

  23. Origin: [OE. wellen, AS. wyllan, wellan, fr. weallan; akin to OFries. walla, OS. & OHG. wallan, G. wallen, Icel. vella, G. welle, wave, OHG. wella, walm, AS. wylm; cf. L. volvere to roll, Gr. to inwrap, to roll. Cf. Voluble, Wallop to boil, Wallow, Weld of metal.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Well

    wel, n. a rise of water from the earth: a spring: a pit in the earth whence a supply of water is obtained: an enclosure in a ship's hold round the pumps: the open space in the middle of a staircase: a cavity: an eddy.—v.i. to issue forth, as water from the earth: to spring.—ns. Well′-boat, -smack, a fishing-boat having a well; Well′-bor′ing, sinking wells by drilling through rock; Well′-buck′et, a vessel for drawing up water from a well; Well′-curb, the stone ring built round the mouth of a well; Well′-deck, an enclosed space on the deck of a ship; Well′-drain, a pit drawing the water from wet land; Well′-dress′ing, the festal decoration of wells and springs, as at Tissington in Derbyshire on Ascension-day, &c.; Well′-head, the source of a spring; Well′-hole, the pit or shaft of a well; Well′-house, a room built over a well; Well′ing, an outpouring; Well′-room, a room enclosing a mineral well: a cavity in a boat for collecting leakage and rain-water; Well′-sink′er, one who digs wells; Well′-sink′ing, the act of boring for water; Well′-spring, a fountain.—The wells, any place where mineral wells are situated. [A.S. wellaweallan, to boil; cf. Ice. vella, to boil.]

  2. Well

    wel, adj. good in condition: fortunate: comfortable: in health.—n. (Spens.) good health, fortune.—adv. in a proper manner: rightly: thoroughly: favourably: conveniently: to a considerable extent: conscientiously: so be it (as a sign of assent).—adjs. Well′-acquaint′ed, having intimate personal knowledge; Well′-advised′, prudent.—adv. Well′-anear′ (Shak.), very soon.—adj. Well′-appoint′ed, in good trim.—n. Well′-appoint′edness′.—adjs. Well′-bal′anced, properly adjusted; Well′-behāved′, becoming in manner.—n. Well′-bē′ing, state of being well, welfare.—adjs. Well′-beloved′, very dear; Well′-beseem′ing, properly becoming; Well′-beseen′ (Spens.), showy in appearance; Well′-born, born of a good or respectable family: not of mean birth; Well′-breathed, strong of lung; Well′-bred, educated to polished manners: of good stock; Well′-condi′tioned, in a desirable condition; Well′-conduct′ed, properly led: acting properly; Well′-disposed′, favourable.—ns. Well′-do′er, a benefactor; Well′-do′ing, a doing of what is right or good.—adjs. Well′-earned, thoroughly deserved; Well′-ed′ucated, having a good education; Well′-famed, famous; Well-fā′voured, good-looking; Well′-fed, fat; Well′-found, commendable; Well′-found′ed, highly probable; Well′-graced, popular; Well′-ground′ed, very likely; Well′-informed′, full of varied information; Well′-inten′tioned, of upright intentions or purpose; Well′-judged, correctly calculated; Well′-knit, strongly framed; Well′-known, fully known: celebrated: notorious; Well′-lik′ing (Shak.), in good condition: clever, smart; Well′-look′ing, good-looking; Well′-mann′ered, polite: obedient; Well′-marked, obvious, decided; Well′-mean′ing, well-intentioned; Well′-meant, rightly intended; Well′-mind′ed, favourably inclined.—adv. Well′-nigh, nearly: almost.—adjs. Well′-or′dered, correctly governed; Well′-pleas′ing, acceptable; Well′-plight′ed (Spens.), well folded; Well′-propor′tioned

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. well

    A strong compartment in the middle of the hold, open to the deck, but lined with lead on every side, and having the bottom perforated with small holes through the floor, so that the water may pass in freely, and thus preserve the fish alive which are put into it. Lobster-boats are thus fitted.

Military Dictionary and Gazetteer

  1. well

    A depth which the miner sinks under ground, with branches or galleries running out from it, either to prepare a mine, or to discover the enemy’s mine.

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'well' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #130

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'well' in Written Corpus Frequency: #32

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'well' in Nouns Frequency: #2378

  4. Adverbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'well' in Adverbs Frequency: #11

  5. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'well' in Adjectives Frequency: #322

How to pronounce well?

  1. Alex
    US English

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  1. well


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of well in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of well in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Examples of well in a Sentence

  1. Donald Trump:

    Well, I don't know.

  2. Richard Taverna:

    Well, it's not mine.

  3. Barack Obama:

    Kudos to him as well.

  4. Barack Obama:

    I did well in France.

  5. Tyrone Quinata:

    I think well be fine.

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  1. wellwellwellwellwell

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Translations for well

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • fonteinAfrikaans
  • ምንጭAmharic
  • حسنًا, بخير, جيداً, جيدًا, بِئْر, عَيْنArabic
  • quyuAzerbaijani
  • ҡоҙоҡ, ҡойоBashkir
  • добра, студня, калодзежBelarusian
  • добре, кладенец, изворBulgarian
  • ভালBengali
  • puñsBreton
  • ben, bé, pouCatalan, Valencian
  • zdravý, dobře, no, studna, studánka, vrt, prýštitCzech
  • iawn, wel, bobol bachWelsh
  • tja, brøndDanish
  • na ja, na, gut, gesund, naja, ganz, Quelle, Brunnen, quellenGerman
  • γερός, καλώς, για δες, εντελώς, ωραία, λοιπόν, αρκετά, καλά, υγιής, πολύ, που λες, καλός, πλήρως, νερομάνα, πηγάδι, φρέαρ, αστείρευτη πηγή, αναβλύζωGreek
  • nu, bele, fonto, putoEsperanto
  • bueno, bien, muy, totalmente, completamente, vaya, pues, anda, pozo, aljibeSpanish
  • tõsiselt, hästi, kaevEstonian
  • ondoBasque
  • خوب, چاهPersian
  • jopas, tuota, hyvin, tosi, niinku, kunnolla, terve, no, lähde, vesikuoppa, kaivo, kummuta, pursua, pursuttaa, pursutaFinnish
  • brunnur, bruðurFaroese
  • écoutez, ben, tiens!, bien, eh bien, vachement, puits, sourceFrench
  • ffynnon, welleWestern Frisian
  • bhuel, tobarIrish
  • gu math, mathematics, uill, fuaranScottish Gaelic
  • ben, manancial, pozoGalician
  • בריאה, בריא, וואלה, היטב, בְאֵרHebrew
  • ख़ूब, ख़ैर, ठीक, अच्छा, कूआँHindi
  • byenHaitian Creole
  • kútHungarian
  • լավ, ջրհոր, աղբյուրArmenian
  • ben, puteoInterlingua
  • sumur, baikIndonesian
  • bona, puteoIdo
  • jæja, borhola, brunnurIcelandic
  • beh, bene, puzzo, pozzo, sgorgareItalian
  • 良く, おやおや, あのう, うーん, 元気, ええと, 井戸, にじみ出るJapanese
  • წყარო, ჭაGeorgian
  • អណ្ដូងKhmer
  • ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿKannada
  • 잘, 저어, 우물, 샘Korean
  • بیرKurdish
  • rectē, omino, multum, omnino, maximē, probē, bene, puteusLatin
  • PëtzLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • eee, mmm, kaleGanda
  • pötLimburgish, Limburgan, Limburger
  • ນ້ຳບໍ່, ນ້ຳສ້າງLao
  • sveikas, gerai, sveika, na, šulinysLithuanian
  • lieti, akaLatvian
  • tsaraMalagasy
  • значи, здрав, добро, опа, па, е па, добар, бунар, изворMacedonian
  • ഉറവ, കിണർ, ഊറ്റ്, എന്തിന്‍റെയും വറ്റാത്ത ഉറവMalayalam
  • худаг, шандMongolian
  • dengan baik, sumur, perigi, luak, telagaMalay
  • birMaltese
  • ရေတွင်း, တွင်းBurmese
  • ईनारNepali
  • nou ja, gezond, nou, wel, put, bron, opwellen, vloeienDutch
  • bra, brønnNorwegian
  • Navajo, Navaho
  • ben, plan, potzOccitan
  • onda'ibaanOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • ਖੂਹPanjabi, Punjabi
  • no, coś takiego, cóż, dobrze, zdrowa, zdrowy, nieźle, hm, studniaPolish
  • جوړ, مړه, ښهPashto, Pushto
  • bem, sabe, bom, vertedouro, fonte, vertente, poço, verterPortuguese
  • bain, puozRomansh
  • foarte, bine, fântână, puțRomanian
  • ну, так-так, хорошо, как следует, так вот, значит, так, что ж, здоровый, это, ключ, скважина, источник, родник, колодецRussian
  • कूपSanskrit
  • beni, pussu, putzuSardinian
  • dobro, ìzvor, vrȅlo, zdénac, бу̀на̄р, bùnār, vrútak, studénacSerbo-Croatian
  • dobre, no, zdravý, studňaSlovak
  • no, torej, zdràv, dôbro, vrtina, vodnjakSlovene
  • pusAlbanian
  • genom, nämen, nåja, nå, öh, tja, väl, frisk, eh, bra, har man sett, källa, brunn, vällaSwedish
  • kisimaSwahili
  • நன்றாகTamil
  • బాగు, నుయ్యి, బావిTelugu
  • ให้ดี, สบาย, สบายดี, อย่างดี, ตะพัง, บ่อน้, ตระพังThai
  • bak sen, bak, bak bak, iyi, iyice, şey, kuyuTurkish
  • гарно, ну, добре, колодязьUkrainian
  • اچھاUrdu
  • mạnh, tốt, hay, khỏe, cũngVietnamese
  • קװאַל, ברונעםYiddish

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