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Definitions for wardroomˈwɔrdˌrum, -ˌrʊm

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. wardroom(noun)

    military quarters for dining and recreation for officers of a warship (except the captain)


  1. wardroom(Noun)

    The living quarters of a ship designated for the commissioned officers other than the captain.

  2. wardroom(Noun)

    The commissioned officers of a ship, excluding the captain.

    The captain rarely referred to his wardroom for advice, and this lead to their malcontent.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Wardroom(noun)

    a room occupied as a messroom by the commissioned officers of a war vessel. See Gunroom

  2. Wardroom(noun)

    a room used by the citizens of a city ward, for meetings, political caucuses, elections, etc


  1. Wardroom

    The wardroom is the mess-cabin of naval commissioned officers above the rank of Midshipman. The term the wardroom is also used to refer to those individuals with the right to occupy that wardroom, meaning "the officers of the wardroom". It provides a place of recreation as well as being a dining room. Usually, a galley or scullery adjoins the wardroom. Service is provided by stewards. There is usually a bar, where drinks can be purchased. Ships can be either "wet" or "dry": the former allowing the consumption of alcohol at sea, while the latter only allows alcohol when alongside at port, if at all. Wardrooms have rules governing etiquette. Traditionally considered taboo are three topics: politics, religion, and sex. On large ships in peacetime, talking about professional business is frowned upon. It is also considered inappropriate to perform work or to meet with subordinates in a wardroom. The ship's executive officer is usually the Mess President. The Commanding Officer is normally not a member of the wardroom, but is normally invited to join the members for special occasions.


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