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  1. caravan, train, wagon train(noun)

    a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) traveling together in single file

    "we were part of a caravan of almost a thousand camels"; "they joined the wagon train for safety"


  1. wagon train(Noun)

    A number of horse-drawn wagons traveling together for safety.


  1. Wagon train

    A wagon train is a group of wagons traveling together. In a military context, a baggage train was the wagon train that followed an army with supplies and amunition. In the American West, individuals traveling across the plains in covered wagons banded together for mutual assistance, as is reflected in numerous films and television programs about the region, such as Audie Murphy's Tumbleweed and Ward Bond and John McIntire's Wagon Train series on NBC and later ABC. Although most trains elected a captain and created bylaws, in reality the captain had little authority. His role was largely confined to getting everyone moving in the morning and selecting when and where to camp at night. Although wagon trains are associated with the Old West, the Trekboers of South Africa also traveled in caravans of covered wagons.


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    The numerical value of wagon train in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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