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Princeton's WordNet

  1. vocable, spoken word(noun)

    a word that is spoken aloud


  1. vocable(Noun)

    A word or utterance, especially with reference to its form rather than its meaning.

  2. vocable(Adjective)

    able to be uttered

  3. Origin: From French vocable or Latin vocabulum, from Latin vocare ‘call’.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vocable(noun)

    a word; a term; a name; specifically, a word considered as composed of certain sounds or letters, without regard to its meaning

  2. Origin: [L. vocabulum an appellation, designation, name, fr. vocare to call, fr. vox, vocis, a voice, a word: cf. F. vocable. See Voice.]


  1. Vocable

    In speech, a vocable is an utterance, term, or word that is capable of being spoken and recognized. A non-lexical vocable is used without semantic role or meaning, while structure of vocables is often considered apart from any meaning. A vocable consists of one or a sequence of phonemes and may be represented by a string of letters or other symbols. Non-lexical vocables are often used in music as artistic content. As common speech disfluencies in many languages, they have little formal meaning and are rarely purposeful. They are also used in experiments in cognitive psychology; examples from this context are the nonsense syllables introduced by Hermann Ebbinghaus, or the use of non-words that mimic the structure of real words in experiments in psycholinguistics. An example of a vocable is "la la la".

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Vocable

    vō′ka-bl, n. that which is sounded with the voice: a word: a name.—ns. Vocab′ūlary, a list of vocables or words explained in alphabetical order: the words of a language: a dictionary: any list of words; Vocab′ūlist, a lexicographer, the harmless drudge who compiles a dictionary.—adjs. Vō′cal, having a voice: uttered or changed by the voice: (phon.) voiced, uttered with voice: having a vowel function; Vocal′ic, containing vowels.—n. Vocalisā′tion, act of vocalising.—v.t. Vō′calise, to make vocal: to form into voice: to insert the vowel points, as in Hebrew.—v.i. to speak, sing.—ns. Vō′calist, a vocal musician, a singer; Vocal′ity, Vō′calness, utterableness: vowel character.—adv. Vō′cally.—adj. Voc′ular (rare), vocal.—Vocal chords, two elastic membraneous folds of the larynx capable of being stretched or relaxed; Vocal music, music produced by the human voice alone, as opposed to Instrumental music. [L. vocabulumvocāre, to call.]


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