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Definitions for viaticumvaɪˈæt ɪ kəm, vi-

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  1. viaticum(Noun)

    The Eucharist, when given to a person who is dying or one in danger of death.

  2. viaticum(Noun)

    Provisions, money, or other supplies given to someone setting off on a long journey (often figurative).

  3. Origin: From viaticum, from viaticus, from via.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Viaticum(noun)

    an allowance for traveling expenses made to those who were sent into the provinces to exercise any office or perform any service

  2. Viaticum(noun)

    provisions for a journey

  3. Viaticum(noun)

    the communion, or eucharist, when given to persons in danger of death

  4. Origin: [L., from viaticus, a. See Viatic.]


  1. Viaticum

    Viaticum is a term used especially in the Roman Catholic Church for the Eucharist administered, with or without anointing of the sick, to a person who is dying, and is thus a part of the last rites. According to Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán, "The Catholic tradition of giving the Eucharist to the dying ensures that instead of dying alone they die with Christ who promises them eternal life." For Communion as Viaticum, the Eucharist is given in the usual form, with the added words "May the Lord Jesus Christ protect you and lead you to eternal life". The word viaticum is a Latin word meaning "provisions for a journey," from via, or "way." The Eucharist is seen as the ideal food to strengthen a dying person for the journey from this world to life after death. The desire to have the bread and wine consecrated in the Eucharist available for the sick and dying led to the reservation of the Blessed Sacrament, a practice which has endured from the earliest days of the Christian Church. Saint Justin Martyr, writing less than fifty years after the death of Saint John the Apostle, mentions that “the deacons communicate each of those present, and carry away to the absent the consecrated Bread, and wine and water.”

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Viaticum

    vī-at′ik-um, n. (orig.) provisions for the way: (R.C. Church) the eucharist given to persons in danger of death: a portable altar.—n. Viā′tor, a traveller, wayfarer: a summoner, apparitor. [L.,—via, a way.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Viaticum

    name given to the Eucharist administered by a priest to a person on the point of death.


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