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Definitions for vermeilˈvɜr mɪl, -meɪl or, esp. for 2 , vərˈmeɪ

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  1. vermeil(Noun)

    Vermilion; bright red.

  2. vermeil(Noun)

    silver gilt or gilt bronze.

  3. vermeil(Noun)

    A liquid composition applied to a gilded surface to give luster to the gold.

  4. vermeil(Adjective)

    Bright scarlet, vermilion.

  5. vermeil(Adjective)

    Specifically of faces, lips etc.: red, ruddy, healthy-looking.

  6. Origin: From vermeil, from vermiculus, from vermiculus (a little worm), the coccus Indicus, from vermis (a worm)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Vermeil(noun)

    vermilion; also, the color of vermilion, a bright, beautiful red

  2. Vermeil(noun)

    silver gilt or gilt bronze

  3. Vermeil(noun)

    a liquid composition applied to a gilded surface to give luster to the gold

  4. Origin: [F., vermilion, fr. LL. vermiculus, fr. L. vermiculus a little worm, the coccus Indicus, from vermis a worm. See Worm, and cf. Vermicule.]


  1. Vermeil

    Vermeil is a combination of sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals, commonly used as a component in jewelry. A typical example is sterling silver coated with 14 carat gold. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10 carat and be at least 2.5 micrometres thick. In the US, sterling silver covered with a base metal and plated with gold cannot be sold as vermeil without disclosing that it contains base metal. The word "vermeil" is a French word which came into use in the English language, mostly in America, in the 19th century as an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt. Vermeil can be produced by either fire-gilding or electrolysis. The original fire-gilding process was developed in France in the mid-18th century; however, France later banned the production of vermeil because over time artisans developed blindness due to mercury involved in the process. Today, vermeil is safely produced by electrolysis. The White House has a collection of vermeil tableware kept on display in the Vermeil Room. The Code of Federal Regulations 16, Part 23.5 defines Vermeil: "An industry product may be described or marked as 'vermeil' if it consists of a base of sterling silver coated or plated on all significant surfaces with gold or gold alloy of not less than 10 karat fineness, that is of substantial thickness and a minimum thickness throughout equivalent to two and one half microns of fine gold."

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Vermeil

    Vermil, ver′mil, n. (Spens.) same as Vermilion: silver-gilt.—adj. Ver′meil-tinc′tured (Milt.), tinged bright-red.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of vermeil in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of vermeil in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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