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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ureterocele(noun)

    prolapse of the end of the ureter into the bladder; may obstruct urine flow


  1. ureterocele(Noun)

    A congenital abnormality of the urinary bladder, in which the distal ureter balloons at its opening into the bladder, forming a pouch.


  1. Ureterocele

    A ureterocele is a congenital abnormality found in the ureter. In this condition called ureteroceles, the distal ureter balloons at its opening into the bladder, forming a sac-like pouch. It is most often associated with a duplicated collection system, where two ureters drain their respective kidney instead of one. Simple ureteroceles, where the condition involves only a single ureter, represents only twenty percent of cases. Ureteroceles affects one in 4,000 individuals, at least four-fifths of whom are female. Patients are frequently Caucasian. Since the advent of the ultrasound, most ureteroceles are diagnosed prenatally. The pediatric and adult conditions are often found only through diagnostic imaging performed for reasons other than suspicious ureteroceles.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Ureterocele

    A cystic dilatation of the end of a URETER as it enters into the URINARY BLADDER. It is characterized by the ballooning of the ureteral orifice into the lumen of the bladder and may obstruct urine flow.


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