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Princeton's WordNet

  1. unilateralism(noun)

    the doctrine that nations should conduct their foreign affairs individualistically without the advice or involvement of other nations


  1. unilateralism(Noun)

    A tendency of nations to act on their own, or with only minimal consultation and involvement with other nations.


  1. Unilateralism

    Unilateralism is any doctrine or agenda that supports one-sided action. Such action may be in disregard for other parties, or as an expression of a commitment toward a direction which other parties may find agreeable. Unilateralism is a neologism, coined to be an antonym for multilateralism —the doctrine which asserts the benefits of participation from as many parties as possible. The two terms together can refer to differences in foreign policy approached to international problems. When agreement by multiple parties is absolutely required —for example in the context of international trade policies—bilateral agreements are usually preferred by proponents of unilateralism. Unilateralism may be preferred in those instances when it's assumed to be the most efficient, i.e., in issues that can be solved without cooperation. However, a government may also have a principal preference for unilateralism or multilateralism, and, for instance, strive to avoid policies that cannot be realized unilaterally or alternatively to champion multilateral solutions to problems that could well have been solved unilaterally. Typically, governments may argue that their ultimate or middle-term goals are served by a strengthening of multilateral schemes and institutions, as was many times the case during the period of the Concert of Europe.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Chief Executive Andrew Mackenzie:

    The in and out campaigns are really about unilateralism versus internationalism. Most businesses support the EU and internationalism, for Britain to wield the economic political and diplomatic capital it has historically enjoyed, we must vote to Remain.

  2. Patrick Cronin:

    A Manila-Hanoi axis places a hurdle in China's ambitions to control most of the South China Sea, this may not lead to immediate changes in the regional balance of power ... but it will shine a spotlight on how China's assertive unilateralism threatens to undermine stability and prosperity.

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