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Definitions for underlayˌʌn dərˈleɪ; ˈʌn dərˌleɪ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. carpet pad, rug pad, underlay, underlayment(verb)

    a pad placed under a carpet

  2. underlay(verb)

    raise or support (the level of printing) by inserting a piece of paper or cardboard under the type

    "underlay the plate"

  3. underlay(verb)

    put (something) under or beneath

    "They underlaid the shingles with roofing paper"

  4. underlay(verb)

    provide with a base, support, lining, or backing

    "underlay the boards with joists"


  1. underlay(Noun)

    A soft floor covering that lies under a carpet.

  2. underlay(Noun)

    Anything that is underlaid

  3. underlay(Noun)

    Lyrics; or more specifically, the way in which lyrics are assigned to musical notes.

    The underlay in bar 3 is unclear in Handel's manuscript.

  4. underlay(Verb)

    To lay something underneath something else

  5. underlay(Verb)

    To provide a support for something

Webster Dictionary

  1. Underlay(verb)

    to lay beneath; to put under

  2. Underlay(verb)

    to raise or support by something laid under; as, to underlay a cut, plate, or the like, for printing. See Underlay, n., 2

  3. Underlay(noun)

    to put a tap on (a shoe)

  4. Underlay(verb)

    to incline from the vertical; to hade; -- said of a vein, fault, or lode

  5. Underlay(noun)

    the inclination of a vein, fault, or lode from the vertical; a hade; -- called also underlie

  6. Underlay(noun)

    a thickness of paper, pasteboard, or the like, placed under a cut, or stereotype plate, or under type, in the from, to bring it, or any part of it, to the proper height; also, something placed back of a part of the tympan, so as to secure the right impression


  1. Underlay

    Underlay or underlayment generally refers to a thin layer of cushioning made of materials such as sponge rubber, foam, felt, or crumb rubber; this material is laid beneath carpeting to provide comfort underfoot, to reduce wear on the carpet, and to provide insulation against sound, moisture, and heat. In general, it is a layer which is underneath another layer, so underlay is thus also used to describe many different surface-covering products. In vinyl flooring or "linoleum", the underlay is the thin layer of plywood that is fastened over the structural subfloor to create a uniform, smooth platform for the sheet vinyl. For laminated wood flooring, the underlay provides a “vapor barrier” to prevent moisture from coming through the floor of the home and then migrating into the flooring; the underlayment may also have noise-dampening properties. A self-leveling underlay is a cement-like product that can be pumped in liquid form onto the floor in order to create a level floor. Underlay is also the term for the material under roofing tiles; this roofing membrane is often made of rubber and is used to seal the roof and prevent leakage. Bedding underlay is a thick, extra layer of padding between the bed mattress and bedding. Underlays are designed to increase comfort and support, while extending the life of the mattress. Common underlay materials include: Wool, foam, and latex.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Underlay

    un-dėr-lā′, v.t. to lay under or to support by something laid under.—v.i. to incline from the perpendicular.—n. Un′derlay, a piece of paper pasted under woodcuts, stereotype plates, &c. in a form, to bring them up to the necessary level for printing.—n. Underlay′er, one who underlays.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of underlay in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of underlay in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Kelly Knight:

    If you lift up the carpet in her room, now you can see there is no underlay left.

  2. Brendan Cox:

    In the past, there has been a desire to deal with urgent problems, but not address the chronic health care issues that underlay why these outbreaks occur, after Ebola, that has got to change.

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