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Definitions for transductiontrænsˈdʌk ʃən, trænz-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. transduction(noun)

    (genetics) the process of transfering genetic material from one cell to another by a plasmid or bacteriophage

  2. transduction(noun)

    the process whereby a transducer accepts energy in one form and gives back related energy in a different form

    "the transduction of acoustic waves into voltages by a microphone"


  1. transduction(Noun)

    The transfer of genetic material from one bacterial cell to another by a bacteriophage or plasmid

  2. transduction(Noun)

    The process whereby a transducer converts energy from one form to another

  3. transduction(Noun)

    The conversion of a stimulus from one form to another

  4. transduction(Noun)

    The conversion of energy (especially light energy) into another form, especially in a biological process such as photosynthesis or in a transducer

  5. transduction(Noun)

    A form of inference involving reasoning from one specific case to another (compare induction)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Transduction(noun)

    the act of conveying over


  1. Transduction

    Transduction is the process by which DNA is transferred from one bacterium to another by a virus. It also refers to the process whereby foreign DNA is introduced into another cell via a viral vector. Transduction does not require physical contact between the cell donating the DNA and the cell receiving the DNA, and it is DNAase resistant. Transduction is a common tool used by molecular biologists to stably introduce a foreign gene into a host cell's genome. When bacteriophages infect a bacterial cell, their normal mode of reproduction is to harness the replicational, transcriptional, and translation machinery of the host bacterial cell to make numerous virions, or complete viral particles, including the viral DNA or RNA and the protein coat. Transduction is especially important because it explains one mechanism by which antibiotic drugs become ineffective due to the transfer of antibiotic-resistance genes between bacteria. In addition, hopes to create medical methods of genetic modification of diseases such as Duchenne/Becker Muscular Dystrophy are based upon these methodologies.


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  • TransdukceCzech
  • преобразование, трансдукцияRussian

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