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    A feature supported by Unix and some other OSes that allows two or more logged-in users to set up a real-time on-line conversation. It combines the immediacy of talking with all the precision (and verbosity) that written language entails. It is difficult to communicate inflection, though conventions have arisen for some of these (see the section on writing style in the Prependices for details).Talk mode has a special set of jargon words, used to save typing, which are not used orally. Some of these are identical to (and probably derived from) Morse-code jargon used by ham-radio amateurs since the 1920s.AFAIACas far as I am concernedAFAIKas far as I knowBCNUbe seeing youBTWby the wayBYE?are you ready to unlink? (this is the standard way to end a talk-mode conversation; the other person types BYE to confirm, or else continues the conversation)CULsee you laterENQ?are you busy? (expects ACK or NAK in return)FOO?are you there? (often used on unexpected links, meaning also “Sorry if I butted in &ellipsis;” (linker) or “What's up?” (linkee))FWIWfor what it's worthFYIfor your informationFYAfor your amusementGAgo ahead (used when two people have tried to type simultaneously; this cedes the right to type to the other)GRMBLgrumble (expresses disquiet or disagreement)HELLOPhello? (an instance of the ‘-P’ convention)IIRCif I recall correctlyJAMjust a minute (equivalent to SEC.... )MINsame as JAMNILno (see NIL)NPno problemOover to youOOover and out/another form of “over to you” (from x/y as “x over y”)lambda (used in discussing LISPy things)OBTWoh, by the wayOTOHon the other handR U THERE?are you there?SECwait a second (sometimes written SEC... )SYNAre you busy? (expects ACK, SYN|ACK, or RST in return; this is modeled on the TCP/IP handshake sequence)Tyes (see the main entry for T)TNXthanksTNX 1.0E6thanks a million (humorous)TNXE6another form of “thanks a million”TTBOMKto the best of my knowledgeWRTwith regard to, or with respect to.WTFthe universal interrogative particle; WTF knows what it means?WTHwhat the hell?<double newline>When the typing party has finished, he/she types two newlines to signal that he/she is done; this leaves a blank line between 'speeches' in the conversation, making it easier to reread the preceding text.YHTBTYou Had To Be There. Used of a situation which loses significant m


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    The numerical value of talk mode in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of talk mode in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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