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Webster Dictionary

  1. Taborite(noun)

    one of certain Bohemian reformers who suffered persecution in the fifteenth century; -- so called from Tabor, a hill or fortress where they encamped during a part of their struggles


  1. Taborite

    The Taborites were members of a religious community considered heretical by the Catholic Church. The Taborites were centered on the Bohemian city of Tábor during the Hussite Wars in the 15th century. The religious reform movement in Bohemia splintered into various religious sects. Beginning with the most radical, the various sects that existed were the: Adamites, Taborites, Orebites, Sirotčí, Utraquists and Praguers. Because the revolution's impetus came from the burning of Jan Hus, for the purpose of simplicity, many writers have put most of these sects under one umbrella term calling them the "Hussites". Economically supported by Tabor's control of local gold mines, the citizens joined local peasants to develop a communal society. Taborites announced the Millennium of Christ and declared there would be no more servants and masters. They promised people would return to a state of pristine innocence. Taborite theology represented one of the most radical departures from that of the hierarchical medieval church. They rejected the outer veneer of the corrupted church and insisted on the normativeness of biblical authority. Even though Taborite theologians were versed in scholastic theology, they were among the first intellectuals to break free from centuries-old scholastic methods.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Taborite

    tā′bor-īt, n. one of the more extreme party of the Hussites, as opposed to the Calixtines or Utraquists, so named from their headquarters being at Mount Tabor, 24 miles N.E. of Pisek.


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    The numerical value of taborite in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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