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Definitions for symbiosisˌsɪm biˈoʊ sɪs, -baɪ-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. symbiosis, mutualism(noun)

    the relation between two different species of organisms that are interdependent; each gains benefits from the other


  1. symbiosis(Noun)

    A relationship of mutual benefit.

  2. symbiosis(Noun)

    A close, prolonged association between two or more organisms of different species, regardless of benefit to the members.

  3. symbiosis(Noun)

    (possibly obsolete) The state of people living together in community.

  4. Origin: From συμβίωσις.


  1. Symbiosis

    Symbiosis is close and often long-term interaction between two or more different biological species. In 1877, Bennett used the word symbiosis to describe the mutualistic relationship in lichens. In 1879, the German mycologist Heinrich Anton de Bary defined it as "the living together of unlike organisms." The definition of symbiosis is controversial among scientists. Some believe symbiosis should only refer to persistent mutualisms, while others believe it should apply to any types of persistent biological interactions. Some symbiotic relationships are obligate, meaning that both symbionts entirely depend on each other for survival. For example, many lichens consist of fungal and photosynthetic symbionts that cannot live on their own. Others are facultative, meaning that they can, but do not have to live with the other organism. Symbiotic relationships include those associations in which one organism lives on another, or where one partner lives inside the other. Symbiosis is also classified by physical attachment of the organisms; symbiosis in which the organisms have bodily union is called conjunctive symbiosis, and symbiosis in which they are not in union is called disjunctive symbiosis.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Symbiosis

    sim-bi-ō′sis, n. a term introduced by De Bary to denote certain kinds of physiological partnership between organisms of different kinds—best restricted to such intimate and complementary partnerships as exist between algoid and fungoid elements in lichens, or between unicellular Algæ; and Radiolarians.—n. Sym′bion, an organism living in such a state.—adj. Symbiot′ic.—adv. Symbiot′ically. [Gr. syn, together, bios, life.]

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Symbiosis

    The living together of organisms of different species.


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  1. Harald Haas:

    All we would need to do is to fit a small microchip to every potential illumination device. And this would then combine two basic functionalities: illumination and wireless data transmission, and it's this symbiosis that I personally believe could solve the four essential problems that face us in wireless communication these days. And in the future, you would not only have 14 billion light bulbs, you may have 14 billion Li-Fis deployed worldwide -- for a cleaner, a greener, and even a brighter future.

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