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Definitions for surrogacyˈsɜr ə gə si, ˈsʌr-

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  1. surrogacy(Noun)

    The state or condition of being a surrogate.

  2. surrogacy(Noun)

    The practice of being a surrogate mother.


  1. Surrogacy

    Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries and delivers a child for another couple or person. The surrogate may be the child's genetic mother, or she may be genetically unrelated to the child. In a traditional surrogacy, the child may be conceived via home artificial insemination using fresh or frozen sperm or impregnated via IUI, or ICI performed at a health clinic. A gestational surrogacy requires the transfer of a previously created embryo, and for this reason the process always takes place in a clinical setting. The intended parent or parents, sometimes called the social parents, may arrange a surrogate pregnancy because of female infertility, other medical issues which make pregnancy or delivery impossible, risky or otherwise undesirable, or because the intended parent or parents are male. The sperm or eggs may be provided by the 'commissioning' parents, but donor sperm, eggs and embryos may also be used. Although the idea of vanity surrogacy is a common trope in popular culture and anti-surrogacy arguments, there is little or no data showing that women choose surrogacy for reasons of aesthetics or convenience.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. The Post:

    I now think that the basic concept of surrogacy arrangements must be re-examined, scrutinized and reconsidered.

  2. Kim Overton:

    Surrogacy can be just as special and beautiful as a natural pregnancy and birth, and without it, our son Oliver would not be here today.

  3. Li Yuan:

    Lots of patients go to these places just because they have unique demands. For example domestically they can't do things like surrogacy or gender selection.

  4. Vasanti Jadva:

    Given that the majority of surrogates still felt very positive about the surrogacy it is not surprising that they were not found to be experiencing psychological problems.

  5. Wanlop Tankananurak:

    The important part is if the couple seeking surrogacy services is Thai or the couple is mixed-race, they can find a Thai woman to be their surrogate providing she is over 25.

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