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Definitions for supplantsəˈplænt, -ˈplɑnt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. supplant, replace, supersede, supervene upon, supercede(verb)

    take the place or move into the position of

    "Smith replaced Miller as CEO after Miller left"; "the computer has supplanted the slide rule"; "Mary replaced Susan as the team's captain and the highest-ranked player in the school"


  1. Supplant(v. t.)

    To remove (a thing) and replace it with something else.

  2. Origin: [F. supplanter, L. supplantare to trip up one's heels, to throw down; sub under + planta the sole of the foot, also, a sucker, slip, sprout. Cf. Plant, n.]


  1. supplant(Verb)

    To take the place of; to replace, to supersede.

    Will online dictionaries ever supplant paper dictionaries?

  2. supplant(Verb)

    To uproot, to remove violently.

  3. Origin: From supplanter, from supplanto, from sub + planta.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Supplant(noun)

    to trip up

  2. Supplant(noun)

    to remove or displace by stratagem; to displace and take the place of; to supersede; as, a rival supplants another in the favor of a mistress or a prince

  3. Supplant(noun)

    to overthrow, undermine, or force away, in order to get a substitute in place of

  4. Origin: [F. supplanter, L. supplantare to trip up one's heels, to throw down; sub under + planta the sole of the foot, also, a sucker, slip, sprout. Cf. Plant, n.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Supplant

    sup-plant′, v.t. to displace by stratagem: to take the place of: to undermine.—ns. Supplantā′tion; Supplant′er. [L. supplantāre, to trip up one's heels—sub, under, planta, the sole of the foot.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of supplant in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of supplant in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jim Pasco:

    Police aren't there to supplant the traditional and appropriate role of teachers.

  2. Jessica Levinson:

    It might be great to say, ‘My favorite tennis star is voting for her.’ But those endorsement don’t supplant a well-run campaign and a message to voters that says, ‘This is what I want to do to make your lives better,’.

  3. Charles Baudelaire:

    If photography is allowed to stand in for art in some of its functions it will soon supplant or corrupt it completely thanks to the natural support it will find in the stupidity of the multitude. It must return to its real task, which is to be the servant of the sciences and the arts, but the very humble servant, like printing and shorthand which have neither created nor supplanted literature.

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  1. supplantsupplantsupplant

Translations for supplant

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • verdrängen, ersetzenGerman
  • derribar, derrocar, suplantar, destronarSpanish
  • korvataFinnish
  • supplanter, déposer, détrôner, éradiquer, renverser, dézinguerFrench
  • rovesciare, detronizzareItalian
  • suplantar, substituirPortuguese
  • вытеснять, выживать, искоренитьRussian
  • tränga undan, ersätta, avlösaSwedish

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