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Definitions for subspeciesˈsʌbˌspi ʃiz, sʌbˈspi-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. subspecies, race(noun)

    (biology) a taxonomic group that is a division of a species; usually arises as a consequence of geographical isolation within a species


  1. subspecies(Noun)

    A rank in the classification of organisms, below species

  2. subspecies(Noun)

    A taxon at that rank

    In zoology and bacteriology, subspecies is the only rank below that of species which is formally accepted by the relevant nomenclatural Code.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Subspecies(noun)

    a group somewhat lessdistinct than speciesusually are, but based on characters more important than those which characterize ordinary varieties; often, a geographical variety or race


  1. Subspecies

    In biological classification, subspecies is either a taxonomic rank subordinate to species, or a taxonomic unit in that rank. A subspecies cannot be recognized in isolation: a species will either be recognized as having no subspecies at all or two or more, never just one. Organisms that belong to different subspecies of the same species are capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring, but they often do not interbreed in nature due to geographic isolation or other factors. The differences between subspecies are usually less distinct than the differences between species. The characteristics attributed to subspecies generally have evolved as a result of geographical distribution or isolation.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Subspecies

    sub-spē′shēz, n. a division of a species, a geographical variety.—adj. Subspecif′ic.—adv. Subspecif′ically.


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