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Definitions for stratifyˈstræt əˌfaɪ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. stratify(verb)

    divide society into social classes or castes

    "Income distribution often stratifies a society"

  2. stratify(verb)

    form layers or strata

    "The rock stratifies"

  3. stratify(verb)

    develop different social levels, classes, or castes

    "Society stratifies when the income gap widens"

  4. stratify(verb)

    form, arrange, or deposit in layers

    "The fish are stratified in barrels"; "The rock was stratified by the force of the water"; "A statistician stratifies the list of names according to the addresses"

  5. stratify(verb)

    render fertile and preserve by placing between layers of earth or sand

    "stratify seeds"


  1. stratify(Verb)

    To become separated out into distinct layers or strata.

  2. stratify(Verb)

    To separate out into distinct layers or strata.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Stratify(verb)

    to form or deposit in strata, or layers, as substances in the earth; to arrange in strata

  2. Origin: [Stratum + -fy: cf. F. stratifier.]


  1. Stratify

    Stratification of clinical trials, is the partitioning of subjects and results by a factor other than the treatment given. Stratification can be used to ensure equal allocation of subgroups of participants to each experimental condition. This may be done by gender, age, or other demographic factors. Stratification can be used to control for confounding variables, thereby making it easier for the research to detect and interpret relationships between variables. For example, if doing a study of fitness where age or gender was expected to influence the outcomes, participants could be stratified into groups by the confounding variable. A limitation of this method is that it requires knowledge of what variables need to be controlled.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Stratify

    strat′i-fī, v.t. to form or lay in strata or layers:—pr.p. strat′ifying; pa.t. and pa.p. strat′ifīed.adj. Stratic′ulate, arranged in thin layers.—n. Stratificā′tion, act of stratifying: state of being stratified: process of being arranged in layers.—adj. Strat′iform, in the form of strata. [Fr. stratifier—L. stratum, facĕre, to make.]


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