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Princeton's WordNet

  1. socage(noun)

    land tenure by agricultural service or payment of rent; not burdened with military service


  1. socage(Noun)

    In the Middle Ages, a system whereby a tenant would pay a rent or do some agricultural work for the landlord.

  2. Origin: From sokage, from socage from . More at soke, -age.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Socage(noun)

    a tenure of lands and tenements by a certain or determinate service; a tenure distinct from chivalry or knight's service, in which the obligations were uncertain. The service must be certain, in order to be denominated socage, as to hold by fealty and twenty shillings rent

  2. Origin: [From Soc; cf. LL. socagium.]


  1. Socage

    Socage was one of the feudal duties and hence land tenure forms in the feudal system. A farmer, for example, held the land in exchange for a clearly defined, fixed payment to be made at specified intervals to his feudal lord, who in turn had his own feudal obligations, to the farmer and to the Crown. In theory this might involve supplying the lord with produce but most usually it meant a straightforward payment of cash, i.e., rent. In this respect it contrasted with other forms of tenure including serjeanty and frankalmoin. For those higher up the feudal pyramid, there was also knight-service as a condition of land tenure. The English statute Quia Emptores of Edward I established that socage tenure passed automatically from one generation to the next. As feudalism declined, socage tenure increased until it became the normal form of tenure in the Kingdom of England. In 1660, the Statute of Tenures ended the remaining forms of military service and all free tenures were converted into socage.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Socage

    Soccage, sok′āj, n. the tenure of lands by service fixed and determinate in quality.—ns. Soc′ager, Soc′man, a tenant by socage; Soc′manry, tenure by socage. [A.S. sóc, a right of holding a court—sóc, pa.t. of sacan, to contend.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Socage

    name given to a feudal tenure by a certain and determinate service other than knight service.


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