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Princeton's WordNet

  1. skew, skewed(verb)

    having an oblique or slanting direction or position

    "the picture was skew"

  2. skew(verb)

    turn or place at an angle

    "the lines on the sheet of paper are skewed"


  1. skew(Verb)

    To change or alter in a particular direction.

    A disproportionate number of female subjects in the study group skewed the results.

  2. skew(Verb)

    To shape or form in an oblique way; to cause to take an oblique position.

  3. skew(Verb)

    To throw or hurl obliquely.

  4. skew(Adjective)

    Neither perpendicular nor parallel (usually said of two lines).

  5. Origin: From escuer/eskiuer, northern variants of eschuer/eschiver/eschever.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Skew(adverb)

    awry; obliquely; askew

  2. Skew(adj)

    turned or twisted to one side; situated obliquely; skewed; -- chiefly used in technical phrases

  3. Skew(noun)

    a stone at the foot of the slope of a gable, the offset of a buttress, or the like, cut with a sloping surface and with a check to receive the coping stones and retain them in place

  4. Skew(verb)

    to walk obliquely; to go sidling; to lie or move obliquely

  5. Skew(verb)

    to start aside; to shy, as a horse

  6. Skew(verb)

    to look obliquely; to squint; hence, to look slightingly or suspiciously

  7. Skew(adverb)

    to shape or form in an oblique way; to cause to take an oblique position

  8. Skew(adverb)

    to throw or hurl obliquely

  9. Origin: [See Skew, adv.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Skew

    skū, adj. oblique: intersecting a road, river, &c. not at right angles, as a bridge.—adv. awry: obliquely.—v.t. to turn aside.—n. a deviation, a mistake: a squint: (archit.) the sloping top of a buttress slanting off against a wall.—ns. Skew′-arch, an arch standing obliquely on its abutments; Skew′-back (archit.), the course of masonry on the top of an abutment with a slope for the base of the arch to rest against.—adj. Skew′-bald, spotted irregularly, piebald.—n. Skew′-bridge, a bridge having its arch or arches set obliquely on its abutments, as when a railway crosses a road, &c., at an oblique angle.—adjs. Skewed, distorted; Skew-gee′ (coll.), crooked.—n. Skew′-wheel, a bevel-wheel with teeth formed obliquely on the rim. [Old Dut. schūwen (Dut. schuwen); Ger. scheuen, to shun; cf. Shy.]

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Mandy Xu:

    For the S&P, using one month options, skew is in the 95th percentile.

  2. Mariana Fuentes:

    It’s worrying that you could have an extreme skew in gender one way, any changes in population structure can have real repercussions.

  3. Morgan Stanley:

    Exceptionally strong refinery margins and a soft maintenance schedule may skew the normal seasonality of refinery runs and push more (price) weakness into early summer.

  4. Quincy Krosby:

    Low volume is fairly standard at this time of the year and August tends to be a very choppy month, if you have low volumes, it could skew the market in any direction, and that's what you have today.

  5. Nicole Sherrod:

    It's a demographic that is very much into tech, so it's not shocking that it tends to skew much higher in their portfolios, take something like Tesla: It's something hot that millennials covet, and although they may not have the purchasing power to buy the car yet, they can certainly buy the stock.

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