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Princeton's WordNet

  1. side(noun)

    a place within a region identified relative to a center or reference location

    "they always sat on the right side of the church"; "he never left my side"

  2. side(noun)

    one of two or more contesting groups

    "the Confederate side was prepared to attack"

  3. side(noun)

    either the left or right half of a body

    "he had a pain in his side"

  4. side, face(noun)

    a surface forming part of the outside of an object

    "he examined all sides of the crystal"; "dew dripped from the face of the leaf"

  5. side(noun)

    an extended outer surface of an object

    "he turned the box over to examine the bottom side"; "they painted all four sides of the house"

  6. side(noun)

    an aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect)

    "he was on the heavy side"; "he is on the purchasing side of the business"; "it brought out his better side"

  7. side(noun)

    a line segment forming part of the perimeter of a plane figure

    "the hypotenuse of a right triangle is always the longest side"

  8. side(noun)

    a family line of descent

    "he gets his brains from his father's side"

  9. side, side of meat(noun)

    a lengthwise dressed half of an animal's carcass used for food

  10. side, position(noun)

    an opinion that is held in opposition to another in an argument or dispute

    "there are two sides to every question"

  11. slope, incline, side(noun)

    an elevated geological formation

    "he climbed the steep slope"; "the house was built on the side of a mountain"

  12. English, side(adj)

    (sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist

  13. side(a)(verb)

    located on a side

    "side fences"; "the side porch"

  14. side(verb)

    take sides for or against

    "Who are you widing with?"; "I"m siding against the current candidate"


  1. side(Noun)

    A bounding straight edge of a two-dimensional shape.

    A square has four sides.

  2. side(Noun)

    A flat surface of a three-dimensional object; a face.

    A cube has six sides.

  3. side(Noun)

    One half (left or right, top or bottom, front or back, etc.) of something or someone.

  4. side(Noun)

    A region in a specified position with respect to something.

    Meet me on the north side of the monument.

  5. side(Noun)

    One surface of a sheet of paper (used instead of "page", which can mean one or both surfaces.)

    John wrote 15 sides for his essay!

  6. side(Noun)

    One possible aspect of a concept.

    Look on the bright side.

  7. side(Noun)

    One set of competitors in a game.

    Which side has kick-off?

  8. side(Noun)

    A sports team.

  9. side(Noun)

    A group having a particular allegiance in a conflict or competition.

    In the second world war, the Italians were on the side of the Germans.

  10. side(Verb)

    To ally oneself, be in an alliance, usually with "with" or rarely "in with"

  11. side(Noun)

    Sidespin; english

    He had to put a bit of side on to hit the pink ball

  12. side(Noun)

    A television channel, usually as opposed to the one currently being watched .

    I just want to see what's on the other side uE00097415uE001 James said there was a good film on tonight.

  13. side(Noun)

    A dish that accompanies the main course; a side dish.

    Do you want a side of cole-slaw with that?

  14. Origin: sīdōn, whence also sita

Webster Dictionary

  1. Side(noun)

    the margin, edge, verge, or border of a surface; especially (when the thing spoken of is somewhat oblong in shape), one of the longer edges as distinguished from the shorter edges, called ends; a bounding line of a geometrical figure; as, the side of a field, of a square or triangle, of a river, of a road, etc

  2. Side(noun)

    any outer portion of a thing considered apart from, and yet in relation to, the rest; as, the upper side of a sphere; also, any part or position viewed as opposite to or contrasted with another; as, this or that side

  3. Side(noun)

    one of the halves of the body, of an animals or man, on either side of the mesial plane; or that which pertains to such a half; as, a side of beef; a side of sole leather

  4. Side(noun)

    the right or left part of the wall or trunk of the body; as, a pain in the side

  5. Side(noun)

    a slope or declivity, as of a hill, considered as opposed to another slope over the ridge

  6. Side(noun)

    the position of a person or party regarded as opposed to another person or party, whether as a rival or a foe; a body of advocates or partisans; a party; hence, the interest or cause which one maintains against another; a doctrine or view opposed to another

  7. Side(noun)

    a line of descent traced through one parent as distinguished from that traced through another

  8. Side(noun)

    fig.: Aspect or part regarded as contrasted with some other; as, the bright side of poverty

  9. Side(adj)

    of or pertaining to a side, or the sides; being on the side, or toward the side; lateral

  10. Side(adj)

    hence, indirect; oblique; collateral; incidental; as, a side issue; a side view or remark

  11. Side(noun)

    long; large; extensive

  12. Side(verb)

    to lean on one side

  13. Side(verb)

    to embrace the opinions of one party, or engage in its interest, in opposition to another party; to take sides; as, to side with the ministerial party

  14. Side(verb)

    to be or stand at the side of; to be on the side toward

  15. Side(verb)

    to suit; to pair; to match

  16. Side(verb)

    to work (a timber or rib) to a certain thickness by trimming the sides

  17. Side(verb)

    to furnish with a siding; as, to side a house

  18. Origin: [AS. sde; akin to D. zijde, G. seite, OHG. sta, Icel. sa, Dan. side, Sw. sida; cf. AS. sd large, spacious, Icel. sr long, hanging.]


  1. Side

    Side in the province of Antalya. It is located on the eastern part of the Pamphylian coast, which lies about 20 km east of the mouth of the Eurymedon River. Today, as in antiquity, the ancient city is situated on a small north-south peninsula about 1 km long and 400 m across.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Side

    sīd, n. the edge or border of anything: the surface of a solid: a part of a thing as seen by the eye: region, part: the part of an animal between the hip and shoulder: any party, interest, or opinion opposed to another: faction: line of descent: at billiards, a certain bias or kind of spinning motion given to a ball by striking it sidewise: (slang) a pretentious and supercilious manner, swagger.—adj. being on or toward the side: lateral: indirect.—v.i. to embrace the opinion or cause of one party against another.—v.t. (Spens.) to be on the same side with, to support: to cut into sides: to push aside, to set aside.—n.pl. Side′arms, arms or weapons worn on the side, as a sword or bayonet.—ns. Side′-beam, either of the working-beams of a marine engine, placed below the crank-shaft, on each side of the cylinder, instead of a central beam above the crank-shaft; Side′board, a piece of furniture on one side of a dining-room for holding dishes, &c.: (pl.) side-whiskers, stiff standing collars (slang).—n.pl. Side′-bones, enlargements situated above the quarters of a horse's feet, resulting from the conversion into bone of the elastic lateral cartilages.—ns. Side′box, a box or seat at the side of a theatre; Side′-chap′el, a chapel in an aisle or at the side of a church; Side′-comb, a small comb used to keep a lock of hair in place at the side of a woman's head; Side′-cous′in, a distant relative; Side′-cut, a cut from the side, an indirect attack; Side′-cut′ting, an excavation of earth along the side of a railway or canal to obtain material for an embankment.—adj. Sid′ed, having a side: flattened on one or more sides.—ns. Side′-dish, any supplementary dish at a dinner, &c., specially flavoured; Side′-drum, a small double-headed drum in military bands; Side′-glance, a glance to one side; Side′-is′sue, a subordinate issue aside from the main business; Side′light, light coming from the side, any incidental illustration: a window, as opposed to a sky-light, a window above or at the side of a door: one of the red or green lights carried on the side of a vessel under way at night; Side′-line, a line attached to the side of anything: any additional or extra line of goods sold by a commercial traveller: (pl.) the ropes binding the fore and hind feet on the same side of a horse.—adj. Side′ling, inclining to a side, sloping.—adv. sidewise, aslant.—n. Side′lock, a separate lock of hair worn at the side of the head.—adj. Side′long, oblique: not straight.—adv. in the direction of the side: obliquely.—n. the slope of a hill.—ns. Side′-note, a marginal note on a page, as opposed to a foot-note; Side′-part′ner (U.S.), one who shares a duty or employment with another alongside or alternately; Sid′er, a partisan: one living in any particular quarter of a city; Side′-rod, a coupling-rod of

  2. Side

    sīd, adj. (Scot.) wide, large: far. [A.S. síd, spacious.]

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'side' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #273

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'side' in Written Corpus Frequency: #281

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'side' in Nouns Frequency: #40


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of side in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of side in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Saint Augustine:

    Hear the other side.

  2. Donna Kalil:

    Look on the bright side.

  3. Carol Tobias:

    Technology is on our side.

  4. Brandon Basino:

    It’s on the unusual side.

  5. Marco Rubio:

    While we are on the right side.

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