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Definitions for secretionsɪˈkri ʃən

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. secretion, secernment(noun)

    the organic process of synthesizing and releasing some substance

  2. secretion(noun)

    a functionally specialized substance (especially one that is not a waste) released from a gland or cell


  1. secretion(Noun)

    The act of hiding something.

  2. Origin: 1646, from sécrétion, from secretionem

Webster Dictionary

  1. Secretion(noun)

    the act of secreting or concealing; as, the secretion of dutiable goods

  2. Secretion(noun)

    the act of secreting; the process by which material is separated from the blood through the agency of the cells of the various glands and elaborated by the cells into new substances so as to form the various secretions, as the saliva, bile, and other digestive fluids. The process varies in the different glands, and hence are formed the various secretions

  3. Secretion(noun)

    any substance or fluid secreted, or elaborated and emitted, as the gastric juice

  4. Origin: [L. secretio: cf. F. scrtion.]


  1. Secretion

    Secretion is the process of elaborating, releasing, and oozing chemicals, or a secreted chemical substance from a cell or gland. In contrast to excretion, the substance may have a certain function, rather than being a waste product. The classical mechanism of cell secretion is via secretory portals at the cell plasma membrane called porosomes. Porosomes are permanent cup-shaped lipoprotein structure at the cell plasma membrane, where secretory vesicles transiently dock and fuse to release intra-vesicular contents from the cell. Secretion in bacterial species means the transport or translocation of effector molecules for example: proteins, enzymes or toxins from across the interior of a bacterial cell to its exterior. Secretion is a very important mechanism in bacterial functioning and operation in their natural surrounding environment for adaptation and survival.

Anagrams for secretion »

  1. Erections

  2. Necrotise

  3. Neoterics

  4. Resection


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    The numerical value of secretion in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

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    The numerical value of secretion in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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