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  1. scuba set(Noun)

    The set of equipment required by a scuba diver to be at ease when submerged for extended periods of time. Modern equipment sets include tanks containing mixes of nitrogen in varied ratios with oxygen (the most common ratios are 21%, 32% and 36% oxygen), a buoyancy control device, a first- and second-stage regulator (to allow the regulated flow of gas from the tank into the user's respiratory system), a wetsuit and accessories for heat insulation, fins for underwater propulsion, as well as a mask (to be able to see underwater) and a snorkel (for moving around the surface of the water without using up breathing gas). Many divers also choose to dive with a diving knife (in case of a tangle with a net, etc.), and night divers may also dive with a waterproof flashlight.


  1. Scuba set

    A scuba set, acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, is any breathing set that is carried entirely by an underwater diver and provides the diver with breathing gas at the ambient pressure. Scuba is overwhelmingly the most common underwater breathing equipment used by recreational divers. A scuba set is also used in professional diving when it provides advantages, usually of mobility and range, over surface supplied systems. Two basic configurations of scuba are in general use: ⁕Open circuit demand scuba exhausts exhaled air to the environment, and requires each breath be delivered to the diver on demand by a diving regulator, which reduces the pressure from the storage cylinder and supplies it through the demand valve when the diver reduces the pressure in the demand valve slightly during inhalation. ⁕Rebreather scuba recycles the exhaled gas, removes carbon dioxide, and compensates for the used oxygen before the diver is supplied with gas from the breathing circuit. The amount of gas lost from the circuit during each breathing cycle depends on the design of the rebreather and depth change during the breathing cycle. Gas in the breathing circuit is at ambient pressure, and stored gas is provided through regulators or injectors, dependent on design.


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