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Princeton's WordNet

  1. sake, interest(noun)

    a reason for wanting something done

    "for your sake"; "died for the sake of his country"; "in the interest of safety"; "in the common interest"

  2. sake, saki, rice beer(noun)

    Japanese alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice; usually served hot

  3. sake(noun)

    the purpose of achieving or obtaining

    "for the sake of argument"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Sake(noun)

    final cause; end; purpose of obtaining; cause; motive; reason; interest; concern; account; regard or respect; -- used chiefly in such phrases as, for the sake of, for his sake, for man's sake, for mercy's sake, and the like; as, to commit crime for the sake of gain; to go abroad for the sake of one's health

  2. Origin: [OE. sake cause, also, lawsuit, fault, AS. sacu strife, a cause or suit at law; akin to D. zaak cause, thing, affair, G. sache thing, cause in law, OHG. sahha, Icel. sk, Sw. sak, Dan. sag, Goth. sakj strife, AS. sacan to contend, strive, Goth. sakam, Icel. saka to contend, strive, blame, OHG. sahhan, MHG. sachen, to contend, strive, defend one's right, accuse, charge in a lawsuit, and also to E. seek. Cf. Seek.]


  1. Sake

    Sake or saké is an alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin that is made from fermented rice. Sake is sometimes called "rice wine" but the brewing process is more as rice beer, converting starch to sugar for the fermentation process. In the Japanese language, the word "sake" generally refers to any alcoholic drink, while the beverage called "sake" in English is usually termed nihonshu. Under Japanese liquor laws, sake is labelled with the word "seishu", a synonym less commonly used colloquially.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Sake

    sak′e, n. a Japanese fermented liquor made from rice: a generic name for all spirituous liquors.

  2. Sake

    sāk, n. cause: account: regard, as 'for my sake': contention: fault: purpose.—For old sake's sake, for the sake of old times, for auld langsyne. [A.S. sacu, strife, a lawsuit; Dut. zaak, Ger. sache; A.S. sacan, to strive, Goth. sakan. Seek is a doublet.]

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'sake' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #3262

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'sake' in Written Corpus Frequency: #1946

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'sake' in Nouns Frequency: #1312

Anagrams for sake »

  1. akes, aske, keas


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of sake in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of sake in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. George Farquhar:

    We love the precepts for the teacher's sake.

  2. Margaret Fuller:

    Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live.

  3. Margaret Fuller:

    Men, for the sake of getting a living forget to live.

  4. Christian Nestell Bovee:

    For God's sake don't say yes until I've finished talking.

  5. One OPEC source:

    If we are meeting for the sake of meeting, it would backfire.

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