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Princeton's WordNet

  1. safranine, safranin, saffranine(noun)

    any of a class of chiefly red organic dyes


  1. safranin(Noun)

    A biological stain used in histology and cytology.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Safranin(noun)

    an orange-red dyestuff extracted from the saffron

  2. Safranin(noun)

    a red dyestuff extracted from the safflower, and formerly used in dyeing wool, silk, and cotton pink and scarlet; -- called also Spanish red, China lake, and carthamin

  3. Safranin(noun)

    an orange-red dyestuff prepared from certain nitro compounds of creosol, and used as a substitute for the safflower dye


  1. Safranin

    Safranin is a biological stain used in histology and cytology. Safranin is used as a counterstain in some staining protocols, colouring all cell nuclei red. This is the classic counterstain in a Gram stain. It can also be used for the detection of cartilage, mucin and mast cell granules. Safranin typically has the chemical structure shown at right. There is also trimethyl safranin, which has an added methyl group in the ortho- position of the lower ring. Both compounds behave essentially identically in biological staining applications, and most manufacturers of safranin do not distinguish between the two. Commercial safranin preparations often contain a blend of both types. Safranin is also used as redox indicator in analytical chemistry.


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