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Princeton's WordNet

  1. frolic, lark, rollick, skylark, disport, sport, cavort, gambol, frisk, romp, run around, lark about(verb)

    play boisterously

    "The children frolicked in the garden"; "the gamboling lambs in the meadows"; "The toddlers romped in the playroom"


  1. run around(Verb)

    To be very busy doing many different things.

  2. run around(Verb)

    to move from one end of the consist to the other, so as to pull the train in the opposite direction.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of run around in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of run around in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Ohio Gov. John Kasich:

    I don't want to do this just to run around, i have to feel that I have a very good chance to win.

  2. Steven Wright:

    When I have a kid, I wanna put him in one of those strollers for twins, then run around the mall looking frantic.

  3. Greg Norman:

    I'm disappointed, but I'm not going to run around like Dennis Rodman and head-butt somebody. (after losing the Masters tournament)

  4. Stanley Walker:

    Associate with well-mannered persons and your manners will improve. Run around with decent folk and your own decent instincts will be strengthened.

  5. Cayla Chandara:

    I was like, ‘No way, you don’t have to do that for me. I just wanted to say thank you,' i still don’t feel like it’s real. I want to run around in the streets.

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