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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ribosome(noun)

    an organelle in the cytoplasm of a living cell; they attach to mRNA and move down it one codon at a time and then stop until tRNA brings the required amino acid; when it reaches a stop codon it falls apart and releases the completed protein molecule for use by the cell

    "the ribosome is the site of protein synthesis"


  1. ribosome(Noun)

    Small organelles found in all cells; involved in the production of proteins by translating messenger RNA.


  1. Ribosome

    The ribosome is a large and complex molecular machine, found within all living cells, that serves as the primary site of biological protein synthesis. Ribosomes link amino acids together in the order specified by messenger RNA molecules. Ribosomes consist of two major subunits—the small ribosomal subunit reads the mRNA, while the large subunit joins amino acids to form a polypeptide chain. Each subunit is composed of one or more ribosomal RNA molecules and a variety of proteins. The sequence of DNA encoding for a protein may be copied many times into messenger RNA chains of a similar sequence. Ribosomes can bind to an mRNA chain and use it as a template for determining the correct sequence of amino acids in a particular protein. Amino acids are selected, collected and carried to the ribosome by transfer RNA, which enter one part of the ribosome and bind to the messenger RNA chain. The attached amino acids are then linked together by another part of the ribosome. Once the protein is produced, it can then 'fold' to produce a specific functional three-dimensional structure. A ribosome is made from complexes of RNAs and proteins and is therefore a ribonucleoprotein. Each ribosome is divided into two subunits: the smaller subunit binds to the mRNA pattern, while the larger subunit binds to the tRNA and the amino acids. When a ribosome finishes reading an mRNA molecule, these two subunits split apart. Ribosomes are ribozymes, because the catalytic peptidyl transferase activity that links amino acids together is performed by the ribosomal RNA.


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