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Definitions for retractionrɪˈtræk ʃən

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. retraction, abjuration, recantation(noun)

    a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion

  2. retraction(noun)

    the act of pulling or holding or drawing a part back

    "the retraction of the landing gear"; "retraction of the foreskin"


  1. retraction(Noun)

    An act or instance of retracting.

  2. retraction(Noun)

    A statement printed or broadcast in a public forum which effects the withdrawal of an earlier assertion, and which concedes that the earlier assertion was in error.

  3. retraction(Noun)

    A continuous function from a topological space onto a subspace which is the identity on that subspace.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Retraction(noun)

    the act of retracting, or drawing back; the state of being retracted; as, the retraction of a cat's claws

  2. Retraction(noun)

    the act of withdrawing something advanced, stated, claimed, or done; declaration of change of opinion; recantation

  3. Retraction(noun)

    the act of retracting or shortening; as, the retraction of a severed muscle; the retraction of a sinew

  4. Retraction(noun)

    the state or condition of a part when drawn back, or towards the center of the body

  5. Origin: [Cf. F. rtraction, L. retractio a drawing back, hesitation.]


  1. Retraction

    A retraction is a public statement made about an earlier statement that withdraws, cancels, refutes, diametrically reverses the original statement or ceases and desists from publishing the original statement. The retraction may be initiated by the editors of a journal, or by the author of the papers. Retractions may or may not be accompanied by the author's further explanation as to how the original statement came to be made and/or what subsequent events, discoveries, or experiences led to the subsequent retraction. They are also in some cases accompanied by apologies for previous error and/or expressions of gratitude to persons who disclosed the error to the author. Retractions always negate the author's previous public support for the original statement. Like original statements, retractions are in some cases incorrect. Retractions share with original statements the attribute that they are in some cases made insincerely, in some cases for personal gain, and in others under duress. The term retraction carries stronger connotation than the term correction. An alteration that changes the main point of the original statement is generally referred to as a retraction while an alteration that leaves the main point of a statement intact is usually referred to simply as a correction. Depending on the circumstances, either a retraction or correction is the appropriate remedy.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Valentin Balakhnichev:

    Following the court's decision, ARD do not have to issue a retraction, as they are from Germany and the court process was in Russia, however, Russian law can now let us say that all the information in this film is a lie. This is a big step forward in defending our interests and our rights.

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